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1. In the Hillsdale Savings Bank, a Menorah and a Christmas tree are displayed. Maria McDougal, a teller, brings a small nativity scene for display. The bank manager refuses to display it for fear of offending non-Christians. After Maria writes to the bank headquarters, she is terminated. How would you advise her to proceed?

The aim of law is to uphold common good. Common good is that attribute or feature of communities which are desirable and so have to be nurtured and kept intact. This can be done only by people in authority and hence the law is to upkeep the common good exercising certain statutes may boil down the law to certain tough standards and so becomes authoritative in the sense that everyone has to follow it irrespective of whether someone has harmed society or not. It cannot use discretionary powers hence; it is looked at with a certain perspective as being applicable to all concerned and especially to those whose aim is to harm people of common good. Statutes have been enacted to prohibit certain unhealthy practices creeping into society and setting wrong precedents in normal human relationship. The law steps in and punishes those who try to create wrong ideas of community good and so it is looked upon as the only tool that can bring to book wrong action.
Maria brought the display and was refused to display it, when she wrote to the headquarter and she was terminated. Now she should proceed like this, either she should write to somebody responsible for handling the human issues or she can go to some civil or district court.

2. At Prestige Motors, Muslim employees request to pray on their personal rugs on the factory floor during breaks. Prestige states this is disruptive to the work environment. Instead, Prestige assigns them space in the cafeteria. Co-workers complain that the Muslims enunciation of their prayers is disrupting

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