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Employment Basics


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Employment basics

The dilemma I see here is that the manager is having problems having two of their employees to report to them. Also the other dilemma is the supervisor of the manager is not making the employees report to their manager instead of coming to them. Now If this was me in this position where my employees didn’t want to come to report to me when they have a problem I would have a meeting with my whole crew being the four employees and explain that I understand that they may not like the idea of reporting to someone younger than them and I also understand that they be have been with the company longer. But If they will just work with me and let me help them with whatever problems they have then we can be a team that gets things done but as long as they fight me and keep going over my head with problem it’s only going to cause more problems because from this moment on they are to follow the chain of command and I am who they are to report to and if we can’t come up with a solution then we will take it to the next person in charge. The next thing I would do is get a meeting with my supervisor and explain that I need them to direct my employees back to me to deal with. Because as long as they keep letting the employees come to them about problem that I can handle then the problem will never get

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... city, state, zip Display “Enter your telephone number” Input Telephone number Display “Enter college major” Input college major Input Information Console.Write("Enter your full name: ") name = Console.ReadLine() Console.Write("Enter your address, city, state, and zip: ") addressCityStateZip = Console.ReadLine() Console.Write("Enter your Telephone Number: ") telephoneNumber = Console.ReadLine() Console.Write("Enter your College Degree: ") collegeDegree = Console.ReadLine() Visual Basic Code: Sub Main() 'Declarations for variables Dim name As String Dim addressCityStateZip As String Dim telephoneNumber As String Dim collegeDegree As String 4) Total Purchase A customer in a store is purchasing five items. Design a program that asks for the price of each item, and then displays the subtotal of the sale, the amount of sales tax, and the total. Assume the sales tax is 6%. Visual Basic Code: Console.Title = "Total Purchase" Console.WriteLine("Input the amount of each item purchased") Console.WriteLine("Item 1") Dim Num1 As Double Num1 = Console.ReadLine() Console.WriteLine("Item 2") Dim Num2 As Double Num2 = Console.ReadLine() Console.WriteLine("Item 3") Dim Num3 As Double Num3 = Console.ReadLine() Console.WriteLine("Item 4")...

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Chapter of My... The program is also robust; phpMyAdmin has enough functionality that you can probably create and run a Web site without knowing any SQL. Being free and open-source never hurt anybody, either. For these reasons, most hosting sites include phpMyAdmin in their control panel as the default MySQL administration tool. phpMyAdmin has some nice extras, such as importing and exporting Excel, OpenDocument, and XML files, and a tool that generates a PDF image of your database schema. Visual Basic  According to Laud (2012) Visual Basic is a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE). It derives from the much older BASIC programming language, and so is considered a useful and relatively easy programming language for the beginner to learn. Visual Basic (VB) is now integrated into many different software applications and also web applications. Visual Basic was developed to be easy to learn, with a quick learning curve and a diverse scope of possibilities. Using the Visual Basic software, you can either hard-code or use the developer software to assist you throughout. It's also used to create ActiveX controls (for web usage and other controls), .dll file extensions or executables for standalone operation. LAN (Local Area Network) According to Rouse (2006) a local area network (LAN) is a group of computers and associated...

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