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There have always been stiff arguments between sports team devotees as to who’s quarterback really brings the goods to the table. The argument for who truly clenches the crown of being named the GOAT, or greatest of all time, is surely not one to be taken lightly by any means whatsoever. After all, this is the title any quarterback in history has ever labored their entire life for just the chance to claim. While Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Joe Montana are all pretty high on the totem pole, a totem pole that stands colossal and robust, only one Quarterback can truly be named the GOAT. The only Quarterback who truly possesses the firepower to claim this title is none other than the most prominent; Tom Brady. Now for one to sit upon such …show more content…
Brace yourself for numbers, because Brady has a lot to boast. Tom has taken 196 regular season wins by a starting quarterback, 15 division titles, 37 playoff games started, 25 playoff wins, 71 playoff touchdown passes, and fan favorite Super Bowl appearances. These games add to a collective 223 wins for Tom, a stunning record to say the least. There are only six total franchises that have more playoff wins than Tom brady, as he’s collected 24 in his 17 year career as a starting quarterback. Now in the 33 playoff games he has performed in, Tom Brady has reached some incredible heights on a big stage. It is well known that “in his 33 playoff games Brady has 11 games with 300-plus passing yards. 9 games with 3 or more touchdown passes. 29 games with a touchdown pass. 12 games with a QB rating of 100 or more. 6 games with more interceptions than touchdown passes,” (Fox Sports). These are exemplary statistics as when compared to other quarterbacks in the league, they seem to pale in comparison to Brady. Brady has set record, and record again competing in the playoffs and in the game of the year, the super bowl. In his most recent super bowl appearance, Brady broke his own record taking 505 yards by air against a vaulted eagles

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