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Avocados Stereotypes

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The Super bowl is one of the most watched events on TV every year, not only for the football, but also the abundance of funny commercials. Humor is used in these advertisements to keep the interest of those watching the game, so many companies find that funny commercials tend to have positive repercussions. The Super bowl is a lot more than football, it is about having a good time, eating snacks, and watching the game, and funny commercials. There website states that avocados are “Always Delicious” and that avocados bring family and friends together. Avocados From Mexico aired their commercial during the 2018 Super Bowl and used humor to portray their message. They are trying to bring attention to how the world is so used to having everything …show more content…
The generation of millennials today has a tough time adapting to given situations when put into uncomfortable position. This is shown in the commercial when everyone freaks out due to the chips being outside of the astrodome. They successfully simulated the event of how we have it so great, but if one thing goes wrong everyone breaks down and has no clue what to do with themselves. The reason behind the commercial was to show people that there are a lot more things that can be done with avocados other than guacamole. Then they proceeded to add a man asking about the lack of wifi at the end of the commercial, which leads to everyone freaking out a second time for a completely different reason. This commercial could be viewed in several different ways, but it was a funny way to make fun of the millennial …show more content…
By using humor that creates almost a trust factor between the viewer and the company because it gives them a good mental image of what the company is about. Being a credible source plays a role in having trust in a company as well. If someone sees that a company is being sneaky and not telling the whole truth about everything they will not not view them as a good company. The main character tries to keep the peace among all of the people and she has a hard time doing that, but it almost shows as though she is a trustworthy person. The website creates a feeling that they really care about what they do and by doing so that creates a trust

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