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The Jewish scholar of old viewed poverty as a great trouble and said that “he who is crushed by poverty is as though he were liable to every one of the sufferings of the world" (Midrash Rabbah, Exodus, 31:12). Poverty is a challenge and an opportunity for poor and most importantly for those with the means to help the needy.
The bible lays down the brief precept as follow:
In the event that, there is a poor individual among you, don't solidify your heart and close your hand. Maybe, you should open your hand and loan him, adequate for whatever he needs. Be careful keeping in mind that you harbor the base thought, with the goal that you are stingy towards your penniless brother and give him nothing and he shouts out to the Lord against you and you have sinned. Provide for him promptly and have no second thoughts when you do as such … the Lord your God will favor you in every one of your endeavors and in every one of your endeavors. For there will never stop to be destitute individuals in your property, which is the reason I charge you; open your hand to poor people and penniless family in your territory …show more content…
In the Old Testament we find that numerous individuals were poor since they were mistreated by people or governments. Ordinarily, governments set up uncalled for laws or spoiled the money, measures that brought about the abuse of people.
The second reason for neediness is incident, mistreatment, or judgment. Somewhere else in the Old Testament we read of hardship or of God's judgment on insubordinate individuals. At the point when Israel turned from God's laws, God permitted outside countries to take them into imprisonment as a judgment for their noncompliance.
The third reason for neediness is sluggishness, disregard, or greedy. The last reason for neediness is the way of life of

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