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The Dust Bowl, an event that will live in infamy. It terrorized American farmers and affected nearly everyone in America. It wrecked homes destroyed towns and also messed with the economy. This made the Dust Bowl a challenging time in American history. It dramatically affected American lives, caused the economy to go into a downward spiral, and created political disorder. So I decided to write this paper informing you about the tragedy that the dust bowl caused for American culture. I have split my paper into five parts. In the first part I will explain how the dust bowl affected farming. The second part will be about the affect the dust bowl had on how it affected american society and the devastation it caused families. The third part will …show more content…
People desperate to keep their farms and homes tried to block the dust from getting in their house and on their crops. The would board up their windows put stuff over the walls and crops when the storms came. This came to no avail the dust still ruined their houses and their crops as well as any livestock that was still living. The amount of dust people inhaled during the storms caused them to come down with a handful of respiratory infections and other horrible diseases. If the people did not die do to the dust storms, food shortage or exposure the diseases they could have contracted more than likely got them later in life. Now I have a few personal quotes from people of this time. The first one is by Avis D. Carlson and he wrote this in a New Republic article “The impact is like a shovelful of fine sand flung against the face, people caught in their own yards grope for the doorstep. Cars come to a standstill, for no light in the world can penetrate that swirling murk... We live with the dust, eat it, sleep with it, watch it strip us of possessions and the hope of possessions. It is becoming Real. During the dust bowl there was also another horrible thing going on. It is called the great depression this made the dust bowl 10 times worse than it was. It made people have no money then the dust bowl hit and people then couldn't make money either. This also made people lose their homes and move into shantytowns which led to

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