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Ethical Analysis of Weensolsen’s the Art of Dying

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Ethical Analysis of Weensolsen’s The Art of Dying

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In The Art of Dying, How to Leave This World with Dignity and Grace, at Peace with Yourself and Your loved Ones, Patricia Weenolsen, Ph.D. takes a practical approach to show the reader how the process of dying can actually bring emotional healing. In her book Patricia Weenolsen makes a strong case for euthanasia. Even though only a pages deal directly with euthanasia directly, the overarching theme of The Art of Dying deals with a “good death” and thusly exerting no small amount of influence on ones departure from this life and surrounding circumstances. In dealing with the emotions surrounding the death process, the reader is given tools that result in some small measure of control that inevitably leads to contemplation of euthanasia. In what I would term a most compassionate manner, Patricia Weenolsen takes the reader on a journey through the end of life, helping the reader to prepare for the final pages of this life.

Keywords: euthanasia, death, dying, Patricia Weenolsen

Introduction In her book, The Art of Dying: How to Leave This World With Dignity and Grace, at Peace With Yourself and Your Loved Ones, Patricia Weenolsen, Ph.D. delivers a compelling argument for euthanasia that will cause readers to consider the manner in which they choose to leave this life both physically and mentally. While arguments can be made against euthanasia, the ability of terminally ill patients of sound mind to make an autonomous decision concerning their death cannot be ignored, and the case should be made that euthanasia should be an option available in certain instances. Utilizing the thematic approach of Ms Weenolsen, this paper will analyze euthanasia and advance a moderate view of euthanasia, integrating the principles of autonomy and civil rights.

The Good Death The concept

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