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Ethics and Code of Conduct

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Ethics and Code of Conduct
CRJ220- Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice
Dr. Ackerman
October 25, 2015

When explaining three reasons ethics and integrity are very important for any police chief, look at the famous speech was given at West Point, May 12, 1962, When General Douglas MacArthur explained the obligation of soldiers with only three words: "Duty, Honor, and Country." I don't think there is anything that comes close to anyone who has served in our fighting forces. When we talk about law enforcement officer, these words do apply, but also does Integrity, courage, and allegiance. What does Integrity mean it means a strong, unyielding adherence to a code of moral uprightness. Non-police personnel might be honest and moral within their vocation while straying from the ethics of private life. People or Professions such as lawyers and doctors are held to a higher standard just like the police. Conduct unbecoming an officer applies whether on duty or off duty.
Courage: It may take a lot for any lawyer to face a jury or for a painter to make an estimate and climb buildings, but to act when other lives are in danger. Only women and men of law enforcement are threatened with danger every day, but they must be courageous and ethical while facing lethal risks such as gun fights.
The law is intended to reflect and enforce moral and ethical standards within the justice system. The rights and duties set by the law must have a foundation in ethical meaning and decision making, and are aimed at upholding a normative standard, by which is meant to be accepted and desirable to society.
When making recommending two ways that a police chief should use ethics is that the police chief should know the (IACP) International Association of Chiefs of Police which has an Oath of Honor to outline the ethical code. When taking the oath officers promise to uphold the...

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