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Etihad Airways

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Etihad Airways
A report on one of the world’s leading airline management systems
Prepared by: Course Number: Course Convenor: Course Lecturer: Associate Lecturer: Word Count: Due Date: Extension Approved: Joel Sinclair 2513BPS Mr B Ginn Mr D McBrien Ms P Milton 3004 4 May 2012 14 May 2012 th th


2513BPS s2793459

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to review the management system of Etihad Airways. The report analyses Etihad Airways and draws information, justification, and conclusions from the company documents and academic resources. The report is 3000 words, and should be considered by the reader to be a broad overview of the company. The analysis conducted considered organisation background, and how that impacted organisational culture, and structure. In addition to this, the report outlined strategic management and how Etihad Airways stands out in the aviation industry. The report found that Etihad Airways has an Islamic background, that is evident in the fact Etihad is a state- owned airline, established by royal decree in Abu Dhabi. Despite the fact traditional Islamic views were depicted in accessibility of prayer rooms and announced prayers before departures etc., Etihad Airways showed evidence that they sought to accommodate for western culture. This was reflected in the availability of alcoholic beverages and through the company’s objectives that stated; the airline seeks to reflect the best of Arabian hospitality – cultured, considerate, warm and generous – as well as enhance the prestige of Abu Dhabi as a centre of hospitality between East and West. Etihad Airways appeared to have a mixture of nationalities within their...

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