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Event & Facility Management
Ch. 9 case study
Mrs. Etzkorn

CMMS is an abbreviated term for computerized maintenance management systems and are a type of management software program that perform functions in support of the operations and maintenance (O&M) programs. The software automates and streamlines most of the logistical functions done by O&M staff (U.S. Department of Energy). “Typical CMMS functions depend on the complexity of the system chosen. Examples include: * Work order generation, prioritization, and tracking by equipment and/or component. Work orders often can be sorted by equipment, date, person responding, etc. * Tracking scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities. * Storing technical documentation and maintenance procedures by component, as well as equipment warranty information. * Real-time reports of ongoing work activity. * Calendar- or run-time-based preventive maintenance work order generation. * Capital and labor cost tracking by component, as well as shortest, median, and longest times to close a work order by component. * Complete parts and materials inventory control with automated reorder capability” (U.S. Department of Energy).
The best CMMS benefit is that it eliminates paperwork and manual tracking of activities and saves time and allows the staff to remain productive. Computerized maintenance management system would allow the school to detect problems before a failure occurs, resulting in fewer failures and customer complaints. It would streamline our planned maintenance activities that would enable our staff more efficient and give the staff more resources. Affecting inventory control, enabling better spare parts forecasting to eliminate shortages and minimize existing inventory. Another benefit is that it would allow us to maintain optimal equipment performance, reduce downtime and prolong our equipment life (U.S. Department of Energy). Factors to look for in a CMMS vendor include: * Number of customers in the industry. * Percentage of sales volume stemming from the specialty industry. * An independent industry user group that meets on a regular basis. * An advisory council that provides input into the vendor’s product development. * Beta development programs to partner with the industry for product development. * A Web site specific to the industry presenting customer networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. * Industry-specific newsletters * Standard industry data like VMRS codes and equipment hierarchy for fleet management (Berger).
Cost analysis:
Vendor: Infor Global Solutions, Inc.
Product: Infor10 EAM Enterprise Edition
Review Date: 08/28/2012
Annual Sales: More than $120 million
Customers: More than 15,000
Pricing: Starts at $11,520 per concurrent user, Starts at $3,840 per named user, SaaS starts at $588 per named user per year/$1,764 per concurrent user per yr., Hosted/ASP starts at $504 per named user per year
Annual Maintenance: 20%

Compare Vendor Criteria Vendor: IBM
Product: IBM Maximo Asset Management
Review Date: 10/25/2012
Annual Sales: More than $360 million
Customers: More than 10,000
Pricing: $4880.00 for IBM Asset Management; minimum pricing = 5 registered users for approx. $23,500; enterprise pricing = 50 registered users for $150,000-175,000; add-on modules extra
Annual Maintenance: 20%

Compare Vendor Criteria Vendor: IFS
Product: IFS Maintenance Module
Review Date: 11/01/2012
Annual Sales: $150 - $200 million
Customers: More than 2,000
Pricing: Starts at $2,500 per named user
Annual Maintenance: 18%

I chose IBN Maximo Asset Management because of their reputation in the computer industry as well as their customer base and overall annual sales numbers. They also specialize in CMMS for educational facilities which is a major plus. Their CMMS has a wide variety of options that they offer. Their CMMS offers programs that deal with infrastructure maintenance, HR management, planning & scheduling, budgeting & cost reporting, preventive and condition-based maintenance, analysis and reporting, inventory control and purchasing, look-ups and searches, and multi support among a lot more (Berger). There was a lot of options that I felt that IBM offered a lot better than the other two companies.

Works Cited
Berger, David. "2010 CMMS/EAM Review: CMMS/EAM software tackles today's toughest challenges." 2013. Plant Services. 15 August 2013.
U.S. Department of Energy. "Federal Energy Management Program-Computerized Maintenance Management Systems." 16 Feb. 2010. U.S. Department of Energy. 14 August 2013.

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