Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

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Running head: Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

HCS 533 Health Information Systems

Tana M. Daniel

Steven Fowler

January 31, 2011

Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

Bridging the gap in health care information technology will promote safe, proficient, patient-focused, and effective patient care in a timely manner. In this paper the subject is to examine two contemporary health care organizations and compare and contrast several features that will include the type of information systems currently in use, analyze the transmission of data 20 years ago and how the exchange of data today. In addition, this paper will cover two major events and technology advances that have influenced current HCIS practices.

Five information systems seen in health care organizations are (Wagner, 2009) 1) computerized provider order entry 2) medication administration 3) telemedicine 4) telehealth, and 5) personal health records (p. 121). Each system can provide quality improvement, improve patient safety, and be cost effective.

Skilled Nursing Facilities have made significant changes over the last 20 years, in comparison to now. Looking at a skilled nursing facility present time versus a skilled nursing facility operation of Dunseith Community Nursing Home in North Dakota 20 years ago. With the implementation of new rules and regulations, this requires skilled nursing facilities to focus on quality patient care and organizational standards. Patient rights become prominent.

In the 1980s, investigations among nursing homes began and came the adoption of the Nursing Home Reform bill, OBRA ’87. The OBRA ’87 is the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act ’87, β€œthe bill asks nursing homes to provide better care for nursing home residents, protection and respect for resident rights…...