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Healthy Living Today:
How To Maintain A Healthy Life

For as long as I can remember a healthy lifestyle has been a top priority that I have chose to maintain for quite some time now. I have always been told that if you wish to live a long and healthy life you have to begin with yourself first.
From what you eat to what do on a day to day basis shapes your life expectancy as a whole. There are many key factors that might decrease you life expectancy rather If they are hereditary (biological) or if they are environmental meaning that you acquired something from the environment that you are presently in or have been apart of. All in all you health lies in the palm of your hands and its up to you to maintain it before its to late. I value my health and I'm currently doing everything in my to prepare myself for the long road ahead. Heres a few tips to ensure you all can live a healthy and long life also.
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Healthy as having good health. Not being sick or injured. Also as showing good health and doing things that are good for your heath.( healthily has never been a big issue for myself because I grew up in a house hold where eating healthy was a must after my great grandmother passed away from heart disease at a early age. Since then it has been our family’s mission to combat this disease within our family and start eating healthy. Though it was hard at first I'm very proud to say it was the best thing to do and now my family and I are really seeing the results from living and eating healthy.

Maintaining Your Health
The Textbook speaks about how obesity has become a big problem in the USA today. Also how the USA has become to be known as one of the
Fattest nations today with unhealthy foods being thrown in our face through public media and bill...

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