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Experiencing Another Religion

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“Experiencing another Religion”

HUM 400 – Religion/Philosophy

A little about the church:
“Too many people and not enough space: It's a happy problem for any congregation” Generations Christian Church at Trinity (formerly the First Christian Church of Tarpon Springs).

Landlocked in their facility on Keystone Road, church leaders turned their attention north and bought a 30-acre pasture in Trinity. Construction began in earnest, and on Sunday the congregation will hold its first services in its 1,000-seat sanctuary at 1540 Little Road.

The church has expanded its parking tenfold, added youth facilities and built the Gathering Spot for coffee and fellowship. The faith community also has a new name: Generations Christian Church at Trinity.

What Generations believes in:

1. In being as relevant as today’s newspaper while holding to the timeless teachings of the Bible

2. God loves us, unconditionally, and always will! 3. Jesus Christ is God’s one and only Son who offers hope and a future

4. Effective live change begins when we allow Jesus to lead our lives

5. The Bible is a flawless handbook that helps us succeed in life and gives straight answers for issues relating to work, family, relationships, and all areas of life.

6. Each person has a gift, ability, or experience that can help others!

1. How was this experience different then your own religious/philosophical background and experiences?

Family Focused: Everyone is welcomed at Generations! From the minute that drive in you’ll be made to feel at home. The worship service is about 1 hr 20min in length. Worshipping at Generations, most people find it to be creative, compelling and challenging experience that teaches and applies God’s truths to our everyday lives. The messages spoken are in a way that speaks to today’s culture. The...

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