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1) TOPIC a) 3D Printing 2) GROUP A MEMBERS b) Colette Davis: Team Lead c) Ryan Cornell: Assistant Team Lead/ Research & Writing d) Tess Bayne: Research & Writing e) Kimberly Brooks: Research & Writing f) Lindsay Clark: Research & Writing 3) THESIS STATEMENT g) 3D printing could potentially change the world as we know it. Through further research and development, this technology has the potential to save lives through medical uses, equip military members with necessary tools, reduce manufacturing costs, and help the environment. 4) INTRODUCTION h) Today, 3D printers have evolved to make a variety of objects using a laser or extruder (the material output part of the printer, best described as a futuristic hot glue gun) that move along an X, Y and Z axis to build an object in three dimensions, layer by layer, sometimes only microns thick at a time, depending on the desired resolution of the object. This method eliminates a lot of wasted materials. For example, in ship manufacturing any leftover powdered substrate can be immediately used on another project, alleviating the need for injection molding, setup costs, cutting, sanding, drilling and having scraps of material left over, as is common with traditional manufacturing methods. (Hart, 2012) i) The history of this technology must first begin by briefly describing the history of all printing methods. Without those first basic principles, the inception of this technology would not exist. Following that, we will answer the following questions: (1) What is 3D printing? What is the science behind it? (2) Who were its creators? (3) When was the technology first seen? What are the key historical points in its development? j) There are a number of usages with 3D printing, but the...

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...Chelsea Johnson 3D Printing and Designers 3D Printing has made a huge impact on the world today; 3D printed clothes, shoes, body parts, bones, food and the list goes on. 3D printing is the process of adding a material to make a three dimensional solid object from a digital file. It is taking the world by storm changing so many dynamics. Even the 3D printer itself has evolved throughout the years. It can print the smallest thing such as a ring to a life size sculpture of some sort. The printer ranges in sizes and materials it can print; It is so diverse to what it can print. 3D printing entered the fashion industry a couple years ago and has been rising in popularity over the years. Designers such as Iris Van Herpen, Alexis Walsh, Mary Huang, Hoon Chung, and Ross Barber all use or have used 3D printing in their designs. Alexis Walsh uses 3D printing to create wearable designs combined with sculptural forms. Ales is an artist and designer living in NYC. To create her works she focuses on using the human body as a canvas. Her materials mostly consist of metal and plastic and she sews all her garments by hand, focusing on couture design technique. She has many awards and accomplishments under belt. Her looks have been seen on the runway, she’s been featured in magazines, and she’s won many rewards. Recently her and Ross Leonardy’s, 3D Printed dress, The Spire Dress, was showcased in NYFW A/W 2016. The dress is made up of four-hundred individual pieces of white nylon. The......

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...In his article, “Exploring the 3-D printing opportunity” J.Bird touched on several interesting facts about 3-D printing of which I was not aware, including the fact that 3-D printing has been around since the 1980’s. 3-D printing is not a “new” technology, but rather one that is being explored and exploited more now because of patents that have since expired. There are several ways of printing objects in three dimensions including fusing powdered material such as titanium with a laser, dispensing melted plastic through a nozzle, and photo curing plastic resin. 3-D printing is much more environmentally friendly than traditional manufacturing techniques, because traditional cutting and grinding produces more waste. 3-D printing has exciting applications in the medical field: last year surgeons created a replacement jaw for an 83-year old woman in titanium that took 33 layers to form each 1mm of thickness. 3-D printing makes creating one-off objects much more economically viable since there is no need to create specialized tooling, no need to create molds, and it eliminates hours of machining to take the cast item from the mold stage to the finished product. Since there is no need for specialized tooling, product development times can be reduced from months to just weeks. Products can be developed and designed one day and printed overnight for use the next day. The future seems to be limitless for this technology. 3-D printed clothing could be customized to the individual’s......

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...What is 3D printing? 3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object. How does 3D printing work? It all starts with making a virtual design of the object you want to create. This virtual design is made in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file using a 3D modeling program (for the creation of a totally new object) or with the use of a 3D scanner (to copy an existing object). A 3D scanner makes a 3D digital copy of an object. 3d scanners use different technologies to generate a 3d model such as time-of-flight, structured / modulated light, volumetric scanning and many more. Recently, many IT companies like Microsoft and Google enabled their hardware to perform 3d scanning, a great example is Microsoft’s Kinect. This is a clear sign that future hand-held devices like smartphones will have integrated 3d scanners. Digitizing real objects into 3d models will become as easy as taking a picture. Prices of 3d scanners range from very expensive professional industrial devices to 30 USD DIY devices anyone can make at home. Processes and technologies Not all 3D printers use the same technology. There are several ways to print......

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...IMPACT OF 3D PRINTING ON ENGINEERING PRACTICE Name: Institution: Introduction 3D printing is the procedure of creating an objective material from a three-dimensional digital replica. Characteristically, this is done by laying down vast succeeding thin layers of a material (3-D printing: additive manufacturing, 2015). To print a 3D object, the manufacturer needs to employ a 3D computer-aided design. Consequently, this report paper shall attempt to look at the impact of 3D printing on engineering practice during the couple of years. Body Engineering practice is the technological activities that guarantee an organization or a company create products of the needed eminence as anticipated (ISPE Good Practice Guide: Good Engineering Practice, 2015). The impact of 3D printing on the medical application is considered to be developing quickly and is anticipated to change the health care. Medical uses of 3D, mutually definite as well as latent, can be arranged into broad alternate groups comprising of tissue along with organ fabrication. Other impacts of 3D printing engineering practice in the field of medicine include the formulation of modified prosthetics, anatomical structures as well as the use of implants in the human body. It is vital to......

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...3D printing economic questions and considerations 3D printing economic questions and considerations Definition Three dimensional printing refers to a procedure that employs the formation of solid three dimensional objects that can take the form of any shape desired based on the designs of a digital model. In order to achieve a three dimensional print output, one is required to utilize the additive procedure that involves the use of successive material layers that are laid in arrangement such that different shapes are displayed. There have been considerations of three dimensional printing as technique of traditional machining that greatly relies on material removal through use of methods such as drilling and cutting which is part of the subtractive procedure. I) History of 3D printing technology The historical development and context of 3D printing technology Three dimensional printing has existed for over thirty years, long before it was popularized. From the 1980s this technology utilized the inclusion of a layer fused in powdered material with the combination of a laser as well as dispersion of plastic that was melted through a nozzle system and resin that was photo-cursed. Nonetheless, three dimensional printers remained expense ice and where characterized as being sluggish with inefficiencies as the industry redeveloped at a slow pace during that era (Lanzetta & Sachs, 2003). The rapid popularization and growth of three dimensional printing begun only after the......

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