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Faa Safety Summary

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The most import factor that I have seen in the years of experience in aviation field is safety. It is everyone’s responsibility to know the difference between right or wrong, to be trained on emergency or handling stress, and to pass on the work ethics build in years of experience especially safety.
Like what the web site state “Safety: The Foundation of Everything We Do”, it is important to know our responsibilities towards safety and project it in emergencies. On this website has a variety information on how safety relates on different aviation professional and including travelers, an important role to know. In addition, it is evident that with the years to come Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are continuing to improve the safety of our aircraft by enforcing regulations and minimum standards to manufacturing, operating and maintaining aircrafts. With high demand and increasing requirements in aviation field, it is inevitable to avoid incidents by increasing qualifications requirements, certifying aviator and airport, providing technical aid and training are some of the solution for this problem. Therefore, we can provide the finest product to all air travelers arrive safely at their destinations. Keep this; in my belief, passing the good work ethics is essential tool to increase the morale and attitude.
As Aviation professional, we must know our required qualifications, ethics, and responsibilities in aviation safety. With this, it will save time, money, and especially lives. We have resources that helps us to understand better and explain the most complicated circumstances that could occur, one of that is the FAA website.

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