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Factors Affecting the Reading Skills of the Third Year Beed- Students in Csu-Cse


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The Problem
The word “language” seems to have been derived from the Latin words,

“Lingua,” which implies “tongue “. The French term,” language” also refers to a specific

from of speech .Hence, in the whole process of language teaching, spoken language

occupies an important place. Ballard says,” talking comes before writing, oral

composition before written composition.(Dash, 2004, p.165-166) Speaking is the productive skill in the oral mode. It, like the other skills, is more

complicated than it seems at first and involves more than just pronouncing words

Josh Billings says“Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute”.

Learning English as one's second language is not unusual in most places of the

world. But learning English as one's second language and mastering it thoroughly is a

distinguished achievement. By mastering, I mean that one is able to read, write and

communicate unambiguously and effectively. In this case, only a few has accomplished

due to many problems such as unavailability of native-English instructors in a country, a

totally different language structure used at home and a limited amount of time studying

The main reason why theFilipinos are employed abroad is their ability to

speak and understand Englishand so when all countries in the world struggle to learn

English (Rama 2000)

We ,Filipinosshould not unlearn it. English is a global language and in

the worlds of former Education Secretary Richardo Gloria (Castro, 1994) “mastering

it willbe beneficial to all our students for they can then compete internationally.”

Moreover, Roces (1999) emphasized that the Department of Education should prepare its pupils for the Information Revolution and that “isolatingthem

linguistically from the world’s chief language of information

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