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Family Nursing Diagnosis

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Family Nursing Diagnoses
Cynthia Clayton
January 21, 2013
Sandra Winters

Family Nursing Diagnoses

A family, as defined and implemented in the health care system had traditionally been based on using the legal notions of relationships such as biological/genetics, blood ties, and contractual relationship such as adoption, guardianship, or marriage. Stanhope & Lancaster (2012). A family consists of two or more individuals who depend on one another for emotional, physical, and/or financial support. In community health nursing, the family will be considered as a client. A community health nurse must be able to understand that he or she must keep an update of the care plan as the family is a dynamic unit of the community. Community health nurses provide health education, case management and primary care to individuals and families who are members of a vulnerable population and high risk groups. Community health nurses act as advocates, teachers, and counselors that play an important role in preventing the spread of illness and disease.

Identifying data
My participating family consists of an African American family and in their culture the man is the head of the household all decisions are discussed but the primary decision lies on the father, 39 year old (AJ), a 44 year old mother (DJ), a 23 year old pregnant adult daughter (JJ), two teenagers 17 year old son (RJ) and 14 years old daughter (OJ), a 3 year old toddler stepdaughter (CJ), and a 5 year old preschool granddaughter (TJ). This is the Jones

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