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Executive Summary: is in the business of providing consumers with two of the most precious commodities in today's modem society - time and convenience. is a service broker and provider. As busy people struggle to maintain a balance in their lives, conserving time has become a rather daunting task. By consolidating a fragmented home service industry, the service concept addresses the need consumers have for simplifying their lives. plans to build brand equity by providing superior home service and by being the first company of its kind to enter the marketplace. Anticipated launch for the business is January 2014. offers consumers a simple way to simplify their lives. With its delivery service; provides the home delivery of fresh vegetables. Customers can place their order via website or phone call, then delivery the requested vegetables to consumers within 2 hour. also offers various ways to make the payment. For example credit card, cash on delivery etc. has two different target markets. First, the Online and Referral Service targets the mass-market consumer as well as local service providers. In comparison, the target market for the Premium Delivery Service is working professionals and dual-income families
Recently, we have analyzed the size and growth trend of target markets. Market research suggests the citizens of Dhaka City will readily embrace the time saving services offered by Recently listed as the fastest growing city in Bangladesh in terms of future job growth; Dhaka City is a prime market for With a current population of nearly 20 million people, Dhaka City has man mobile people that warrant the introduction of such a time savings service. will be directly

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...Chapter 3 Assignment Rikki Phillips 09/11/2014 Zara does use some of the value chain activities to make themselves competitive in relation to its other major rivals. The secret to Zara’s success and its competitive advantage lies with its designing and Logistics strategies. Zara designs most of their clothing, and keeps most of their basic cloth on hand. With their clothing being designed on hand and made and also being able to dye the products they can maintain speed and keep items moving. They keep designers on hand to aid in the designing processes so they are always up to par when it comes to preferences as well as changes in fashion. Zara also allows customers to be a part of their activities, they love customer feedback, and they want the customers to be involved in their business. The feedback goes to headquarters and then they design new products and bring them out to market. Most competitors like to see which designs sell first. Zara also stands out in the logistic end. Zara does most of its production in Europe, mainly the areas around Spain. This allows for easy distribution because Zara is about speed. Most of its production plants are close to the headquarters which the bulk of Zara’s manufacturing being carried out in Spain (50%). Like it says in the book they have a 24 hour turnaround time deadline for Europe, Mideast and some of the United States. For the Asian and Latin America regions, it is about 48 hours which is still quick. Every location...

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H&M Pestel follow Swedish legislation. * Like many other brand stores, H&M’s stock is produced overseas. This is because of minimum wage laws which prevent workers in the UK working for below anything else. Employing workers in less developed countries mean H&M can maximise their profits. *Price of cotton has increased rapidly as supplies are becoming limited. H&M promote basic cotton ranges therefore they use mass amounts of cotton. If cotton prices do not start to fall, H&M will have to increase their prices to maximise profits, which will draw away possible consumers that shop there to take advantage of their inexpensive clothing. | Economical *H&M are known for being an inexpensive clothing store that specialises in fast fashion and high quality clothes for low prices. Today’s economical market means that less people have disposable incomes, this is an advantage for H&M and they have marketed strategically to achieve maximum benefit from this. *Their stores are convenient as they stock clothes for all ranges of consumer; women, men, teens, children, babies. Because many parents work in today’s economical market this makes it easier for parents to shop for families together minimising time and exertion. *Promotional sales and student discounts are both offered in store. This promotes sales to the segment of consumers that have less disposable income. | Social*Generally, all of H&M’s stores are of large size. This means more jobs are available in store....

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Zara 500 words for this section) . Brief overview of Zara >>>> International business refers to a broad spectrum of business activities undertaken across national borders.This essay will discuss the international business and internationalisation objectives of Zara in the contemporary context with focus on the business done in the USA. The 1975 established, Spanish based, fashion retailer is a subsidiary of the parent company Inditex. Zara operated in 87 countries by 2014, having 45 stores in United States alone( Zara’s Mission/objectives >>>> ( Continuous design, production and distribution is Zara’s objective with a quick turnover maintained through updating stock twice a week ( The rapid turnover of new inventory allows Zara’s consumers to have access to the most trendy fashion available within the shortest time, this is one of the factors that distinguishes Zara apart from other fashion retailers ( Zara’s Business Model >>>> In order to better understand Zara’s international business it is beneficial to examine the business model that it uses. As explained in (

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