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Fc Barcelona

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FC Barcelona


Factor | US | China | Decision | Sports Following | American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Football | Olympic Sports, Football, Basketball, Tennis | Both | Football Awareness | Popular among women, boys and girls.The Americans, are used to different kind of sports which are fast paced and more of an entertainment. | Fairly popular. The Chinese love the Football players. FC Barcelona represents a truly global club with the best players and hence it can attract the Chinese citizens with their players. | China. | Infrastructure | All the infrastructures - stadiums, leagues and media- are already of the highest quality. | China also has a well established local football league. There aren’t much stadium sports played in China as in the US. | US | Market Potential | The US market is more saturated because of the well established MLS league which attracts high quality players already. | The Chinese market presents a growth opportunity for FCB to grow its brand and setup alliances with the local teams or franchises. | China | Television | The US has a large number of sports and other sporting events which consume a major portion of the TV viewers and revenues. | Chinese citizens´ most viewed sport is Football. There is a wide gap for the other sports. This represents an opportunity for FC Barcelona. | China | Partnerships and Advertisements | The US market already has a large number of sports, leagues and championships which consume a lot of the sponsorship deals from the available corporate organizations. The advertisements would appear more profitable to be placed in a sport that can display it more often (NFL, NBA, NHL etc) than Football where there is limited room for exclusive ads in the game. | China, on the other hand,…...

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