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Project Description for Programmer/Artist Collaboration I am interested in using computer vision and automation to select and sort internet images. I will briefly describe the project I want to accomplish: The images will be downloaded from or found in Google image searches. The program will select images if it contains an object similar to an original object or image, or if the image is similar to an original image or composition. Next, each image would be arranged as an individual frame of video, and then the matching portions of the images would be aligned and scaled to the same size. Here is an example, this was done manually: I am interested in the “looseness” that computer vision's selection will bring into the results, meaning that if we were looking for images based on an original image of a football, it would return avocados every once in a while. Ideally, the programming would be able to arrange them in certain orders, like from the best matches to worst matches (so the in the video, the object is progressively decaying), or, say, from the brownest to the greenest. Another way to arrange the images would be in a grid, where the focal point is cropped, so the result would be a tiling of images where each image is a slight variation of the object. Here is another piece of mine that serves as a loose example: I think that harnessing the amount of info on the net through automation is fertile ground for exploring different ways to gain insight about our culture. I am also interested in machines having a hand in pieces of art, because our culture is dependent upon and hybridized with technology. Obviously, there are many directions that this project could go, and I am open to suggestions and new ideas. I am familiar with Java, but I am willing to learn new languages if it is more efficient or preferred by the programmer. I have the ability to program portions of this project, so we could collaborate in creating the code for it. Please contact me at if you are interested in learning more about the project. Take a look at my website, for other examples of work and some that utilize automation. Thanks for your time, Ash Sechler

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