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FIS 200 Entire Course
For more classes visit FIS 200 Appendix B Personal Money Matters


FIS 200 Checkpoint: History of Banking

FIS 200 Movie Summary

FIS 200 Paper Money Power point

FIS 200 Assignment: Price and Value Agreement

FIS 200 Assignment: Social Money

FIS 200 Check Point: The Euro

FIS 200 Working Money

FIS 200 Week 1 DQs

FIS 200 Week 3 DQs

FIS 200 Week 5 DQs

FIS 200 Week 7 DQs

FIS 200 Capstone

FIS 200 Assignment Price and Value Agreement
For more classes visit More than likely, the consumer will have the choice of what product they buy, and for how much. Along with that choice, comes compromise. We are all aware if top of the line appliances, cars, clothe just as much as generic cereals, generic clothing brands. Throughout the assignment consider what gives the commodity its value.

FIS 200 Assignment Social Money
For more classes visit Due Date: Day 7 [Individual forum]

Almost every relationship involves money in some way. Many relationships are created because of money, from marriages to business ventures to international relations. Think of your own relationships, from personal to social or business relationships, and evaluate the role money plays in those relationships.

FIS 200 Checkpoint History of Banking
For more classes visit • Due Date: Day 5 [Individual forum]

• Describe who the first bankers where and what their interest in money was. Why were banking institutions created? In what ways does money and banking influence or facilitate Human and

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