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Organizational Behavior has so far been among my most interesting courses during this MBA program. It has provided me with a new perspective as well as a more systematic approach in dealing with my daily managerial issues at work. For me, it is like a journey up the mountain. This course helps me realize an important wisdom that what I see at the bottom of the mountain is not what I see at the top. Without this wisdom, I could have closed my mind to all that I cannot view from my position and, therefore, limit my capacity to grow and improve. Such wisdom helps open my mind to improvement, and teaches me to respect what, at first, I cannot view. In the end, I have learnt this important lesson – what I cannot see can now be seen from a different part of the mountain. With this thought in mind, my paper seeks to demonstrate my understanding of the subject matter with the ultimate goal being the improvement of management effectiveness in the workplace.
From the definition of Organizational Behavior,

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