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After joining the Fire Department in 1986, I took many fire service protection classes, and obtained many certifications (see list). In ’92-93, I joined the hazmat team. In 1997 I was appointed lieutenant. Some of the responsibilities included supervising crews at incidents, managing routine maintenance on apparatus, equipment, building and grounds. I also assisted in the recruiting, selecting, hiring and training new firefighters. I also assisted in supervising and conducting drills.
In 1998, I was appointed to the position of Captain. I was given the additional duties of supervising the Lieutenant’s and firefighter’s assigned to my district, being responsible for operational and administrative issues. I also supervised the safety and training of the firefighter’s assigned to my district, planning and instructing during drills.
Also as Captain I served periodic weekend duty, where I responded to the other districts and supervised firefighters from other districts during incidents. I have acted as Incident Commander as well as other positions at numerous incidents directing and supervising firefighter’s from Maple Grove as well as other Departments requiring mutual aid.
On the training side in 1999-2000 recognizing a growing difference in the levels of training between the firefighter’s that have been on the fire department for 10 years or more and the newer firefighter’s I was allowed to implement a competency based training plan at my station. The goal was to make sure that older firefighter’s were updated in modern firefighting and rescue practices that were being taught to the newer firefighters. This also reinforced with the new firefighters, their ability to use their new skills working with the older Maple Grove firefighters and learning Maple Grove ways of operating. This program at my station was viewed as very successful and was implemented department

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