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Jonathan Crabtrey

The five senses
In this essay I will use the five senses in describing a trip to the movies the five senses being sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Senses we all use every day and that most of us would find difficult to live without.
As im sitting at my house in my chair the leather smooth and black and smelling like pledge from my frequent cleaning seeing as I can’t stand to see it dirty a friend comes over and asks me if I would like to go with him to the movies .
I say sure thing and so I get up hearing the leather creak as my weight shifts in the chair and open the door locking it as I walk out while closing the door I notice it’s a little slippery with an oil like sheen on the knob up on further investigation i realize it is indeed burnt motor oil slightly perplexed oh how such a substance would have got on my door knob I make a comment “ where the hell did that come from” my friend curiously asks “where did what come from” I said “ the motor oil on my door knob” so he says “oh I checked the oil in my truck I must have got some on the door when I opened it” so with the mystery solved I get into his truck with can under my feet and say “onward to the movies” and onward we went.
We arrive at the movies and instantly smell the aroma of buttery popcorn instantly my tummy growls. Walking through the doors I see lights and arcade sounds coming from the arcade games in the corner we had about 15 minutes before the movie started so I paid for my ticket and walked over to the combat game picked up the fake blue weapon and put in a few coins to get it started. The game was turned up kind loud and kind of startled me when the actual game play started. My hands started getting a little sweaty after I played the game for about 7 minutes or so luckily the game designers thought of this and equipped the gun with little bumps for

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