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Fixed Mindset Analysis

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In the book, The Talent Code, written by Daniel Coyle, it says that geniuses come from practice, dedication, and hard work, rather than being born with it and doing nothing to improve on their talent. Dweck states that there are two mindsets. One is a fixed mindset, where a person tends to avoid challenges, give up easily, ignore useful negative feedbacks, and easily feels threatened by others. The other one is growth mindset, where a person tends to embrace new challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, learn from criticism, and find inspiration from other successful people. Dweck says that “Although you might have one of these mindsets, you can still change them” (Fixed vs. Growth Mindset). Having a fixed mindset does some of its advantages, …show more content…
They just don’t possess enough confidence in themselves to develop their skills because they think that they are doing everything in vain. For example, “I can’t handle calculus. Everyone knows I’m the dumbest” (Stand and Deliver). This is a quote from the movie Stand and Deliver, and it shows us that this person can not handle calculus. The reason why is most likely because it is hard for him to understand the concept, except he would rather take the easy way out and give up. In the movie Stand and Deliver, Mr. Escalante, the math teacher, proposed that he would teach a bunch of kids, who didn't go pass 7th grade math, calculus. When the female teacher heard about this during their conference, she was shocked and protested against the idea because she thought that if they try really hard now and doesn't succeed later, it would crush all of their confidence. Moral of the story, although giving up is probably one of the most easiest way to get out of something, it is also another excuse for a person to ignore the fact that they should try harder to understand the …show more content…
They would voluntarily practice day in and day out because they know that what they are doing is something that can be the innovation of a lifetime. For example, “you could only see the turn, but not the road ahead” (Stand and Deliver). This quote was also for the same person who couldn't do the calculus problem. What Mr. Escalante mean by saying this was that he could only see the present, but cannot look into the future. There were a couple of times when I was thinking the same thing especially during Spanish. Other people might assume that Spanish is an easy subject, however they considered that math is harder. For me, it is the opposite, Spanish is probably the hardest language that I had to learn so far, however I try to persevere even though it causes me so difficulties. I am currently learning English, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Japanese, however, I understand that all I need to do for Spanish is to do my homework and obtain better grades for my tests because those are the main problems I bear right now. So although giving up is one of the many easy ways that you could take, going through all of the trouble will help you achieve much more in the

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