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Case Interview Marathon Workshop
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By Victor Cheng

These materials provided on an “as is” basis with no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied. You use them at your own risk. This information is provided to you for free for non-commercial use. You are welcome to forward this to your friends provided you do not alter any of the content and keep the entire document in tact. I retain copyright ownership over these materials

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• My Story • Goal for Today • How This Workshop Is Different • What I Will NOT Cover o Normal job interview questions o More recent twists to the case interview o Estimation / Back of Envelope Cases
• Recommend Reading:

“Case in Point” by Marc Cosentino
Excellent coverage of recent twists to cases and estimation question type cases

© Victor Cheng

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Why I’m Doing This
• The first time I did this… •
Examples o 7 year old girl took class, one year later stopped a man who was trying to molest her at the zoo. o Teenage girl took class, 2 years later got tackled to the ground by kidnaper, fought him off and escaped o 10 year old took class, 13 years later, walking in the woods with an old boy friend, former employee, baseball bat, she took him out

My request: IF you find today useful, then make a $50 donation and keep a child safe for life Cost of MBA to Get Interview: Cost to Ace Interview: $150,000 50

Conclusion: It’s a darn good deal

© Victor Cheng

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1. Case Interview Basics 2. Case Interviewer Mindset & Criteria 3. How to Open, Analyze & Close a Business Case 4. Demonstration of Common Cases & Frameworks 5. How to Practice Case Interview Skills
6. Final Tips + Q&A

© Victor Cheng

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...一. Case Interview 1. 类型介绍 (1) 什么是Case Interview? 一般来说,Case Interview主要针对咨询公司面试而言。也有一些公司如Dell二面会用一些小case来考察面试者的应变能力、考虑问题的全面性以及逻辑分析能力。咨询公司的Case Interview可以分成两个部分,一开始先 是Warm-up。在这一部分,你可能需要自我介绍,然后大致回答一下面试官针对简历以及个人选择提出的一些问题。接下来才是真正的Case Interview。简而言之,Case Interview就是现场对一个商业问题进行分析的面试。但是和大多数其他面试不同,这是一个互动的过程。你的面试官会给你提出一个Business Issue,并且会让你给出分析和意见。而你的任务是向面试官有逻辑的提出一些问题以使得你能够对这个Business Issue有更全面,更细致的了解,并且通过系统的分析最后给出建议。一般而言,Case Interview是没有绝对正确的答案的。面试官看重的不是答案,而是从面试过程当中你表现出来的分析能力和创造力。对于大学毕业,没有工作经验的学生来说,大多数情况下Case不会很难,也不会需要你对那个行业有系统的了解。 Case Interview一般是一对一的,一轮会有两个Case Interview,由两个不同的面试官来负责,每个Interview持续45分钟,包括10-15分钟的warm-up以及一些Behavior questions,剩下的30分钟就是讨论Case。10-15分钟的Warm-up一般用英文,Case可能是英文,也有可能是中文,不同的公司以及不同的面试官对语言是有不同的偏好的。 (2) 为什么使用Case Interview? 由于咨询师在工作上的不少时间都是在和客户以及同事进行相互的沟通,同时咨询工作本身的特点要求咨询师必须具备一系列的特质才能够成功。这些特质包括:在压力之下保持冷静,对问题能够很快的根据细节建立假设,并且运用很强的逻辑分析能力来解决问题等等。因此,一个互动性很强,和实际联系很紧以及要求分析能力较高的Case Interview可以很好的衡量面试者的这些素质。 (3) Case Interview考察哪些能力和素质  领导能力 咨询师常常需要独立工作,并且带领团队和客户去达成共同的目标,因此领导力对于一个成功的咨询师来说是很重要的。在面试当中,你需要通过主动掌握整个面试,有信心的提问题来表现你的领导力。  分析能力 咨询业的核心就是分析-根据事实提出假设,把数据break down,然后形成一套分析框架,并且最后得出结论和建议。在面试过程当中,你需要通过有效,有目的性的提问等来反映你的分析能力。  Presentation Skill 一旦咨询师对案例进行了完备的分析并且想好了相应的策略,他们就需要把他们的发现和建议展现给整个案例小组和他们的客户。因此,这个能力对咨询工作也是十分关键的。所以在面试当中,宁愿说慢一点,花点时间思考,也不要结结巴巴的做陈词。  精力 咨询公司往往希望他们的咨询师能够在10小时的飞机之后依然精力充沛的出现在客户面前。所以有力的握手,真诚的笑容,自信的眼神以及整洁的外表都是他们所看重的。  冷静 在Case Interview中,面试官有时会刻意营造一种很tough的氛围,比如不断challenge你,或者不断否定你的回答,这不代表你做的不好,而是他们在故意考察你能够面对压力冷静思考。要知道:当咨询师面对客户的时候,面对压力而冷静的发现问题以及思考是很重要的素质。 ...

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...Case 1: Review the following case study. Discuss each point of motivational interviewing, why it was used, and whether or not it was successful. What was done well in this interview, and why? What would you have done differently, and why? Of the theories we have learned in this unit, which theory stands out in this interview? Where and how? “A client-centered and empathetic counseling style is one fundamental and defining characteristic of motivational interviewing. We regard the therapeutic skill of reflective listening or accurate empathy ... to be the foundation on which skillfulness in motivational interviewing is built ... Through skillful reflective listening, the counselor seeks to understand the client’s feelings and perspectives without judging, criticizing, or blaming ... The crucial attitude is a respectful listening to the person with a desire to understand his or her perspective” (Miller & Rollnick, 2002, p. 37) In this case, the Motivational interviewing refers to an interpersonal counseling or communication style rather than a specific therapy or set of techniques (Rollnick & Miller, 1995). This style is evident in the process of MET (Motivational Enhancement Therapy). The focus of this particular interview was on helping the client to overcome reluctance or ambivalence on his own, while allowing him to make positive changes in his approach to anger management. The therapy did not assume that the client wanted to change, but lead the client to own their need...

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...and HR Management The Out-of-Control Interview (Case) Case Analysis & Answers By Demetris Kamberis November 13,2014 Organization and HR Management The Out-of-Control Interview (Case) Case Analysis & Answers By Demetris Kamberis Table of Contents Case Synopsis1 Answer To Question 1 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….2 -5 Answer To Question 2 5 Answer To Question 3……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….....5 -6 References………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..6 Case : The out- of- Control Interview Case Synopsis The case was focused on the interview process at Apex Environmental ,where the management team and other members of the firm , composed a panel interview employing a stress interview content , at the company’s premises. The interviewee , was a female mechanical engineer graduated , named Maria Fernandez.The only information we had , regarding the questions set by the interview panel , were questions as “Why would you take a job as a waitress in college if you’re such an intelligent person?” and “Are you planning on settling down and starting a family any time soon?”. It is also mentioned , by the side of the interviewee that the interview was ‘ a disaster” but was followed up by an individual meeting with the 2 members of the group , the President and another member of the firm and the main interview questions were concentered on her technical...

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...CASE STUDY: THE FIRST APPRAISAL INTERVIEW Name: Benjamin Van de Walle Lecturer: Ms. Mai Kim Thoa Course: Managerial Skills & Leadership – KS 402DE02 1. What do you think of the boss’s ratings and his defense of them? * * He gives Sandy an average rate for every single point. She doesn’t know if this is a good or a bad rate. He is not fair cause’ he bases his ratings on one single point, namely the wine service and generalizes this for the other points. In my opinion his comments are not constructive and well-intentioned. * * He focuses his defense only on her less developed skills and doesn’t mention her good skills. Also his defense is very flat. With that I mean that he doesn’t give any specific and descriptive feedback. He doesn’t define the performance problem, doesn’t makes his standards clear and he doesn’t work with the employee to set goals for improvement. The boss focuses on the person and not on the behavior, it’s personally hurtful. * 2. How do you think Sandy feels? Will she be motivated to improve? Is it enough to know you are not going to lose your job? * * Sandy went to the appraisal interview with confidence. But I think she lost her confidence after the interview. Due to the average score she doesn’t know where and how to improve. * * By not focusing on employees needs in a highly effective way, the employees will not be motivated. He does nothing to support Sandy, whereby she also loses her motivation...

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...CONSULTING CASE BOOK 2012-2013 EDITION TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Consulting Case Interview 1. Structure of the Case Interview 2. Frameworks 3. The Math 2. Company Overviews & Interview Processes 3. Practice Cases 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Bike DVD Rental Service in NYC Dry Wall Competitive Threat Organ Donation Case Central Power Chemicals, Inc. Hospital Profitability Contact Lens Manufacturer Growth TABLE OF CONTENTS (CONT’D) 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. E-commerce in the Airline Industry Big Green Biofuels New Rubber Plant Investment Asian Mobile Service Provider Radiator Lens for Defense Aircraft Capital Investment for Utility Electric Car Manufacturer Growth Miner’s Dilemma Big Truck Company Auto Spare Parts Machine Company Non-Profit Revenue Decline Gas Liquefaction 4. Acknowledgements THE CONSULTING CASE INTERVIEW STRUCTURE OF THE CASE INTERVIEW The consulting case interview typically lasts between 20-30 minutes and consists of the following parts: • • • • • Case Overview / Prompt Clarifying Questions Structure / Framework Building & Explanation Problem Solving & Analysis Recommendation The interview should be highly conversational and interactive. Depending on the firm, and depending on the round, some interviews can be more structured than others. Please see the subsequent section for more information on firm-specific preferences and formats. STRUCTURE OF THE CASE INTERVIEW Case Overview / Prompt The case interview will start...

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...How to Survive a Job Interview, 10 Tips for Creative Professionals Do Your Research Before you even apply for a job, you should do some research into the company or business advertising. A few years ago this would have been a time consuming task, but now, with the popularity of "online marketing", all the information you need is just a few mouse clicks away. Before your interview, you should have a clear idea about the size of the company/business, the kind of work or clients they have and what role they would expect you to work in. Knowing a bit about the company or business that is interviewing you will always come in handy. There's nothing worse than being asked "so... do you know much about our business" when the answer is no! If you find out that the job you have an interview for isn't really what you're looking for, there's no harm in attending the interview anyway... practice makes perfect. Dress the Part Having conducted many interviews in the past, I can honestly say, leave the suit and tie at home. In creative fields a suit is too rigid and old fashioned and you don't want to appear that way. This doesn't mean that you should turn up in your jeans and sneakers either (unless you're a freelance Illustrator with an outstanding portfolio... they seem to be excluded). Try to dress a little bit better than what's expected from the staff, this way you will show that you're putting in some effort, but also that you're not a bad match for the workplace. If you're really...

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