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Florida Constitution


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The Constitution of Florida
The state of Florida’s Constitution can be defined as a brilliant structure of essential values for state government that is eternal and broad-spectrum in nature and derives from the people rather than the Governing body. In 1838 the first constitution was written. Every twenty years, the constitution is studied to decide whether or not improvements and adjustments must be made. The Florida law affects every attribute of everyday life, for instance, how and what location we construct our homes, the way we disburse our taxes, our well-being and physical condition, and our power to vote and partake in government.
Florida’s Constitution is separated into twelve articles which summarizes context for government and for people’s rights.
Article I-Declaration of Rights Some of Florida’s Bill of Rights which deals with political power, basic rights, right to assemble, religious freedom, right to work, military power, right to bear arms, due process, and freedom of speech.
Article II-General Provisions This section institutes Florida’s limitations and delegate three branches of government.
Article III-Legislature The section brings about a House and a Senate, in which House are voted to serve a term of two years and the senators serve for four.

Article IV-Executive This article generates the offices of governor, lieutenant governor, Florida’s unique Cabinet, which incorporates secretary of state, attorney general, comptroller, treasurer, and commissioner of agriculture and education.
Article V-Judiciary Appeals This creates four levels of state courts: County Court, Circuit Court, District Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court. It specifies that county judges will be chosen in unprejudiced elections for four-year terms, civil judges serving six-year terms.
Article VI-Suffrage and Election This article lists dates of

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