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Fondulac Nursing Home: A Case Study

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In October of 2004 I became extremely ill while working at the Fondulac Nursing Home. I was concerned that this could have killed not only myself, but my unborn daughter as well.

I was hired in by Kandi Brewster on May 21, 2004 to work as a housekeeper at the nursing home. I worked there for only a few short months when I contracted Clostridium difficile otherwise known as c-diff. On October 13, 2004 my co-worker Sarah was absent and I was asked to work one side of A-Hall, which is not my normal hallway. I took the necessary precautions as I would normally, I wore rubber gloves, washed my hands afterwards, etc. I would later find out that Mary Smith, one of the residents at Fondulac had c-diff and she was not under isolation as she should

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