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Food Essay- Rough Draft

“We need to look seriously at how we produce our food and how we eat it.” (Rayner 14) Although Jay Rayner speaks of Great Britan’s problems, our food supply is a global issue. Changes need to be made, and we need to make them. Some of the many changes we need make are how we approach the inhumanities of our food’s production, how it is marketed, and how we decide what to eat. Our approach to how our food is produced needs to be changed. Author Michael Pollan avidly argues against the corn in our lives. “Our entire food supply has undergone a process of ‘cornification’ in recent years, without our even noticing it.” (Pollan 6) The reason Michael Pollan argues against corn so avidly is because it is in practically everything. Corn can be found in soda, chips, beef, fish, and even our batteries. In a world where you cannot escape corn, change needs to be made. “We’re sacrificing the health of our bodies and the environment by growing and eating so much of it…unlike in Mexico where a corn-based diet has been the norm for centuries, in the united states …a corn diet wreaks havoc on [our] digestive system.” (Pollan 6-7) All of the corn we eat is unhealthy for us, but we do nothing to stop its overproduction. The first step to change is awareness. If we do not know what is in our food, how can we expect to live healthy lives? We need to change how food is marketed to children. Major food companies just cannot leave kids alone. “There are SpongeBob SquarePants Popsicles, Oreo Cookie Preschool counting books, and Keebler’s Scooby Doo Cookies. There is even a Play-Doh Lunchables play set.” (Barboza 9) With iconic cartoon characters everywhere imaginable, it’s no wonder our kids are on the path to diabetes and obesity. Children are very impressionable, and when they see a cartoon character eating an unhealthy food in a commercial, they will nag

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