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Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is the story of a significant or memorable event in your life. A narrative should include specific details, descriptions, and perhaps even dialogue. A narrative is a story told from your perspective that includes not only a narration of the event, but also an evaluation of this event. For this essay, I want you to focus on food as the guiding theme behind your narrative. In order to write this essay, please consider some of the following questions:

1) What is your food story?

2) What role does food play in your gatherings with family and friends?

3) How much does your culture influence what/how you eat?

4) Are there recipes that are particularly significant to you? Why? Where did you get them?

5) What is your most significant memory involving food?

6) How does food affect other aspects of your life?

The essay will be graded on the following criteria:

1. ASSIGNMENT FULFILLMENT (Basic Elements): Is the essay 2-4 typed, double-spaced pages? Does the title introduce the subject of the narrative? Is this work a clear-cut narrative with a proper timeline? Is it formatted properly (page numbers, MLA manuscript form)?
2. CONTENT (Hook, pacing, conclusion): Does the introduction have a good hook, one that captures the reader's interest? Is the essay's narrative pacing o.k.- neither too fast nor excessively slow? Does the conclusion wrap-up the essay effectively, providing a revelation or a moral?
3. MORAL: Was the moral lesson (established in the conclusion or throughout the essay) clear? Was it well-expressed?
4. DESCRIPTION: Did you include enough sensory images? Were these images richly detailed to the fullest extent possible? Do you include several differing action verbs?
5. ORGANIZATION/MECHANICS: Is the essay organized well, using a chronological,

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