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Years Back they had many problems and the ERP systems were not as efficient as they are now. They got all different kinds of ERP vendors around that do modules of part of the functions to the Full ERP functionality. ERP systems have different hardware requirements and import software. Cost of implementing it. (Appendix 2) More Companies improved implementation of ERP software software solutions to improve their operation and provide their customers with fast response and its only getting better. More companies are getting involved it using ERP.
Best Practice
Currently getting all users involved in the planning stages, time of data entry, process mapping, testing and training. All users are involved in the implementation. The reason for this is because if the company is not interested in training all users of the ERP then there would be some employees who had no clue of the changes, which is the worst decision a company can make and not part of the best practice.
Plan the budget and stick to that budget and that will fulfill all the vital and essential requirements of the company.
Evaluation of the Current ERP Implementation
-ERP evolved from the MRP 1. Getting all users involved in the planning stages 2. Time of data entry 3. Process mapping 4. Testing and Training 5. Go live date and evaluation

1) Planning stage

Project team: Gets all the users involved help eliminate the confusions of employees not knowing what going on. You can never have too much training or communication in the implementation of ERP systems.

Past implementation Best Practice:

Past implementation Best Practice Problems: * In the past they used MRP which was used to define the schedule of production and purchase of raw material according to what production needed to estimate the raw material. * Implementation didn’t have…...

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