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Effective Study Skills Are The Sole Foundation Of a Sound Education.
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Effective Study Skills Are The Sole Foundation Of a Sound Education.
Effective Study Skills are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education.
A sound education is the process where knowledge, skills, and values are shared and taught to others. This then helps to educate students and therefore enables them to succeed in their studies. Study skills are the sole foundation for a sound education as without them it would impossible for the student to discover how they learn best and which styles suit their needs when studying. Environment and time management are just two of the many factors that are crucial for any student to study effectively and achieve their goals. (Wikipedia, 2011).
Environment management is a crucial part of study skills because it sets your mood for studying. Some students prefer music or noise to shut out everyday thoughts so they can concentrate on the project at hand. Others like quiet settings with a suitable room temperature depending on the individual’s preferences. “Based on your preferences, you should schedule your most challenging classes and intense study sessions in the environments that best match your needs” (Keeley, 1999). If the environment is right the student can achieve effective study time where they achieve the maximum level of knowledge that they possibly can. This therefore enables the student to achieve a sound education in a relaxed and positive way. If the environment is wrong it can result in the student being unable to concentrate and therefore not achieving a sound education as they are unable to get the environment to match their learning style and needs.
Time cannot be replaced, therefore it needs to be managed in order to gain the most out of what the student has available. Time needs to be set aside specifically for studying

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