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Ford Rouge Plant

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Ford Rouge Plant Visit
Located in Dearborn, Michigan, the Ford Rouge Plant was a mile-and-a-half wide and more than a mile long. The multiplex of 93 buildings totaled 15,767,708 square feet of floor area crisscrossed by 120 miles of conveyors. Henry Ford’s ultimate goal was to achieve total self-sufficiency by owning, operating and coordinating all the resources needed to produce complete automobiles. Eventually, the Rouge produced virtually every Model T component, but assembly of the Model T remained at Highland Park.
According to Henry Ford:
The principles of assembly are these: (1) Place the tools and the men in the sequence of the operation so that each component part shall travel the least possible distance while in the process of finishing. (2) Use work slides or some other form of carrier so that when a workman completes his operation, he drops the part always in the same place—which place must always be the most convenient place to his hand—and if possible have gravity carry the part to the next workman for his operation. (3) Use sliding assembling lines by which the parts to be assembled are delivered at convenient distances.
Also, what did I found most interesting about my visit was back in the 1930s, more than 100,000 people worked at the Rouge. To accommodate them required a multi-station fire department, a modern police force, a fully staffed hospital and a maintenance crew 5,000 strong. One new car rolled off the line every 49 seconds. Each day, workers smelted more than 1,500 tons of iron and made 500 tons of glass, and every month 3,500 mop heads had to be replaced to keep the complex clean.
As well, the living roof was a great idea. It’s interesting how they were able to maintain the living roof. I also liked how the moment you purchase your ticket to the tour. You automatically become transported to the factory, as if you were part of their assembly line. You travel by bus to the factory, and then the staff directs you to numbered doors from 1 to 4. Door 1 was introduction and history of henry ford. Door 2 was about how the F150 is being built. Than door 3 showed the view of the whole factory. Door 4 was the Assembly line for the F150. It was a cool experience and I would like to come back there again.

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