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Forever 21 teamed up with The Samburu Project to help bring clean water to those in Samburu. They have drilled 40 wells in Samburu, Kenya benefitting 40,000 people and helping them end their lifelong struggle to find this precious resource. They were also channeling that tribal feeling in this new line in stores. Buyers can pick up one of springs hottest trends and help support a good cause! For ever item purchased, they were giving 10% back to The Samburu Project until 2013, with a minimum donation of $10,000 USD.

HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES- ANIMAL RESCUE HSUS is the nation's largest and most effective animal protection organization. Forever 21 lended their helping hand by coming up with a line of fashion forward clothes. Through the collection, they were able to raise $32,773. With the purchase of every shirt, Forever 21 will make a $1 donation to the HSUS.

Forever 21 will continue to transport their products via sea in order to help reduce carbon emissions. However, what customers do not know is that this is an easy way for f21 to save cost in transporting their products via air freight. Airlines bill you by what is called a chargeable weight. Sea carriers charge per container rates for shipping in standard size containers. If you are shipping less than a container load, your price is often determined by cubic meter. With larger and heavier shipments, it is often much cheaper to ship by sea.

The five workers, one of whom began working at Forever 21 aged only 16, say that they were made to work through their scheduled (and legally mandated) breaks, and that when they finished their shifts, they couldn't leave upon clocking out. First, they had to wait to be put through a bag check by store security. The workers were allegedly paid sub-minimum wages while enduring deplorable working conditions.

Forever 21 has copied everyone, from big brands like Anna Sui and Diane von Furstenberg to smaller, independent designers like Trovata and Foley + Corinna. The chain has most recently been sued by Feral Childe, a fashion label that produces clothing out of a printed fabric.Wu and Carlson owners of feral childe say it can take months to develop just one of their textile prints. In 2007 it was Diane von Furstenberg sued the retail chain for copyright infringement for knocking off its Aubrey, Edison, Parr, and dresses. To add to that, it actually took forever 21 to copy over 20 of her designs until she took legal action.


H&M is present in developing countries around the world. Indirectly, they create work for over one million people in the countries they buy from, and they are already using their influence to improve workers’ lives. However, we want to be realistic: we know there’s a limit to what we can achieve by ourselves. By being open to collaborations with external partners – including competitors - we can catalyse positive change.


15.8% of our cotton now comes from more sustainable sources. Our goal is 100% by 2020. It’s grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers and doesn’t contain any genetically modified fibres
Recycled cotton
Recycled cotton comes from old garments and textile leftovers. It saves raw materials and stops old clothes and material going to waste

Working conditions in production countries
We set high standards for our suppliers and regularly check how well they live up to them. But it´s a two way street. We also need to be a good partner ourselves. It´s about long-term partnerships, training and rewarding good performance with better business.

Our products are made in many different countries around the world. In some of these countries, there’s a high risk of human rights violations and environmental damage.
We’re committed to choosing and rewarding partners who share our respect for people and the environment, and who are willing to work with us to improve their practices.
We work with about 900 suppliers and 1,900 factories. We employ nearly 2,000 people at our 19 production offices in our sourcing markets. This gives us unique presence close to our suppliers: * We can conduct thousands of factory audits each year, mainly unannounced, and help our suppliers make important improvements. * We can go beyond just monitoring and offer training, support and clear business rewards for improvements made. * We can easily visit factories to educate workers about their rights. We’ve already done this in India and Bangladesh. * We interview thousands of workers every year to check, for example, whether they know how their wages are calculated.

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