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Memo: NTS Forms

To: All JAB Store Management Teams
CC: All Multi Unit Management Teams
From: Store Operations
Date: August 26, 2015 Purpose
To inform all stores about updated NTS forms that will be used in place of the ones that were previously faxed. Customer Request, Monogram & Button Order Forms
As a result of fax no longer being available after Java POS system conversion, stores will begin using electronic versions of select NTS forms. Effective immediately, the Customer Request, Monogramming and Button Order Forms will be able available on Bank Notes. Click here to access, complete and submit the select NTS forms mentioned above online through Bank Notes. IMPORTANT: When submitting monogramming forms, please make sure to print the appropriate monogram form from Bank Notes and place the completed form with the shirt/coat/scarf to be shipped to NTS. NTS still needs to receive a hard copy of the completed form with the item(s) being shipped. Also, if your store is typically serviced by NTS 607 Kansas City for monogramming, please continue to send your monogram requests to this location. All other stores will continue to send their request to NTS 601 Atlanta. NOTE: Select button orders will now be ordered directly from Wawak as detailed in the next section. All other buttons not listed below will be ordered from the Button Order Form on Bank Notes.
Wawak Tailor Supply Ordering
Also effective immediately, all stores will be able to order directly from Wawak for tailoring supplies. Wawak orders can be placed by calling 855-298-6958 during their business hours of 8am to 5pm EST. You can also email your order to Note: Wawak orders can no longer be faxed. Button Orders to be ordered directly from Wawak include:
1) White Suspender Buttons
2) Black Suspender Buttons
3) Plastic Buttons
4) Tuxedo Buttons
JPOS Converted Stores ONLY - Reminder
This is a reminder for stores that have been converted to the Java POS system that they should be using the NTS Alteration Log e-mail form. This is only temporary.

Note: When emailing the daily log, be sure to always reference your store number and promise date in the subject line (STORE XXXX – PROMISE DATE: XX/XX/XX ALTERATION LOG). Be sure to send the e-mail to the appropriate NTS shop:

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