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Fossil Energy


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Dear Michael Ruppert,
After I watched your documentary interview with Chris Smith in Collapse, I know how serious the environmental problem we facing is. A hundred years ago, oil improved our society tremendously through industry. It can be regarded as the most important discovery in the 20th century. In the mean time, the use of petroleum has caused a lot of trouble. Most wars after World War II happened in the Middle East because of oil, and for this reason alone,-- I think oil is a thing that causes and has caused the most serious trouble among humans in history. Now, the whole world’s population relies on oil deeply. Since the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century, it is hard to imagine how our lives would be possible without fossil fuel energy, especially oil. Nearly every machine we use today needs petroleum products to work. I strongly agree with your idea that using ethanol or alcohol as a substitute for oil is stupid. This is happening in China. Because the number of people in China is so large, China has already become a country lacking in oil supply years ago. Today, most of the fuel for cars in China is a mixture of petrol and alcohol. It cause some serious problems, like lack of food and increasing food prices, because a large measure of wheat is use to produce alcohol. Another fact we have to face is that, although we can substitute oil with alcohol, how will we solve the need to substitute plastic? No matter where you are while you reading this letter, it is not difficult to find something that is made from plastic, and plastic is a petroleum product; it is the most important resource for nearly every product. I cannot imagine that I would still carry a laptop every day if it was made with iron. For now, the problem of how we can substitute plastic remains critical. In today’s world, the trade and production of oil deeply affects

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