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To go, or not to go: that is the question. Often times as children grow parents force the idea of an unavoidable college education. Some type of secondary education should be encouraged but a four year college degree should not be pushed upon high school students. Obstacles such as mindset, wants for trade work or specialty careers, and debt leads students away from the idea of a college education. In many situations this high level schooling is not necessary.
College is not solely a test of intelligence, therefore when watching for college standard abilities seeing your child developing self-management skills and study habits should be viewed as accomplishments. Creating this hardworking mindset will more greatly benefit the student than acing all his/her high school tests. ““Children only have so much time in a day,” Redford explains. "There is definitely a point of diminishing returns when it comes …show more content…
Not all careers require a college degree. Technical and trade schools offer a wide range of professions. From plumbing to cosmetology, all types of work is available for individuals that do not choose to pursue a type of secondary school. These trade and technical schools are often times shorter than a four year degree and also more specialized. Instead of having to first take one’s basic courses they go straight into the skills that will apply to the students job. Most of these alternate types of education are also more cost efficient. “But when my students can go to a two-year technical school for about $20,000, receive an associate degree in welding technology and reliably earn a wage of up to $59,000 (some specialties, like underwater welding, can command up to $90,000 and more, with experience), I find the idea of a four-year university, where students graduate with an average of $30,000 in loan debt, the least logical path of upward economic mobility.”

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