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Operations Exam Framework

Exam writing * Use headings and titles * Be short and clear * Executive summary is useful * Use exhibits + quantitative analysis * Don’t repeat case facts

Strong Exams * Support claims with evidence * Are specific * Address root causes * Prioritize time and actions * Impact of actions * Organization of report * Use exhibits for assumptions * Actions consistent with analysis

Read the Case

Executive Summary – must do

Think of Decision and make analysis lead to it

Context * Role * Limitations of the role * Other stakeholders? * Issue: Write a sentence outlining the core problem * Prioritize the issues * Key issues symptoms outcomes (financial concerns = revenue/profit) * (Design (product/process matrix), Capacity, Inventory (SCM), Quality) * Goal: Long term plans and goals – motivation * Decision * Constraints and other considerations * Time, money, scope – tradeoffs

Economy: Implications

Industry Size-up * Trends in the industry (growth?) Stage of growth (prospect if start-up but low revenues, if mature there is competition and revenues grow slower, if stable cost control is important and maybe look to differentiate) * What are customers looking for? * Political, Social, Technology * Where do we fit in the industry? * Nature of industry volume or niche? Operational approach? * Types of assets specialized or generic? * Variability? * Identify areas of variability = human, seasonality, different products, process * Barriers to entry? * Competitors * Degree of competition (Porter’s) * What is our competitive advantage? * What are competitors doing? * Can use material from other courses * What is

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