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Circuits for the Hobbyist
For your electronics hobby entertainment; ENJOY! It is assumed that you have AT LEAST the equivalent of a Basic Electronics certificate for the electronics projects listed on this page. Other projects require more advanced electronics. A lot of these circuits assume the latter so I will no longer answer the tons of emails in regards to that. If you wish to learn more about electronics there is enough of that available on the internet. Circuits' Message Board Ask your questions here. Someone may answer them.

ScanMate Your (Radio) scanner Alternating On-Off Control buddy! 6-20-2002 Audio Pre-Amplifier #1 Simplest R/C Circuit Automatic 9-Volt Nicad Battery Charger Simplest RF Transmitter Basic IC MonoStable Multivibrator Simple Transistor Audio PreAmplifier Basic RF Oscillator #1 Single IC Audio Preamplifier Basic LM3909 Led Flasher Solar Cell NiCad Charger 7-24Battery Monitor for 12V Lead-Acid 2002 Battery Tester for 1.5 & 9V Solid State Relay Bench Top Powersupply, 0-30V/0-10A, Part 1 Third Brake Light Pulser Bench Top Powersupply, 0-30V/0-10A, Part 2 Toroids, RF/EMI Cores Bench Top Powersupply, 0-30V/0-10A, Part 3 Touch Activated Alarm System Birdie Doorbell Ringer Two-Tone Trainhorn 'Bug' Detector with Beep Universal Flasher Circuit Car Converter for 12V to 9V Variable Power Supply, 1 - 30V @ 1.5A Car NiCad Charger Wailing Alarm DC Motor Reversing Circuit Water-level Sensing and Control DC Motor Control Circuit Waterpump Safety Guard for Fish-pond Gel Cell Charger, I - Off-line Weller WLC100 Electronic Soldering Gel Cell Charger, II Station Clock Generator Xmas Lights Tester Christmas Lights Tester Zap Adapter Continuity Tester, Low-Voltage 1.5V Tracking Transmitter Continuity Tester, Smart 4-Transistor Tracking Transmitter Continuity Tester, Latching

Cut Phone Line Detector Dark/Light Activated Relay Electronic Dazer 6-13-2002…...