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Frederick Jackson Turner Western Frontier Thesis

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Frederick Jackson Turner, an American historian of the nineteenth – early twentieth century, became renown following his essay on the American’s frontier, later referred as the Frontier Thesis. The latter claims that the western frontier was the core reason for such a distinct American culture and history.

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Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier Thesis

...Ogechi Okereke To an extent, Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis, that democracy was a result of the American frontier is correct, but concurrently Turner’s thesis is also wrong. Ways Turner’s thesis is correct is because the frontier or the idea made Americas society independent, more egalitarian. Turner’s thesis is wrong because the frontier wasn’t unoccupied and actually had native people living on the land. The American frontier was essentially a line and or boundary that separated the East and West, more specifically known as civilization and the wilderness (East being civilization and West being the wilderness or Free land). As time progressed the American Frontier had advanced further into the West. Frederick Jackson Turner,...

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...In 1893, Frederick Turner published his “Frontier Thesis” in a paper - “The Significance of the Frontier in American History”. Within his publication, he asserted that the wilderness masters the colonist. As man traveled over from Europe, nature “strips off the garments of civilization and arrays him in the hunting shirt and the moccasin.” At first, the frontier environment is “too strong for the man … little by little he transforms the wilderness”. Once the individual is stripped of the old and thrown into the wilderness, an American is born. Thus, America began to advance away from the influence of Europe and towards a bright future. As Turner transcribes on, one can only understand that Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis is valid because nature is one of the greatest equalizers and cannot be underestimated. As the frontier grew, American democracy expanded as the West expanded....

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Development of the Western Frontier

...Course: Date: Development of the Western Frontier Frederick Jackson turner developed a thesis called the frontier thesis where he conquers that the democracy of America was established by the Western frontier. He also stated that the democracy of America resulted from violence and the absence of interests in high culture. He continued to state that the Frontier land was acquired, and there was no need to establish institutions to attain it. His insistence on the frontier’s need to shape the country led to a pool of responses found in many articles. His works led to the use of social history as the underlying grounds for all socio-economic and political progress in the history of America. When Turner died, history departments were teaching frontier history based on his approach. For a long time, the history of America has been largely tied to the colonization history of the Great west. The presence of free land and the settlement of Americans to the west explain the progress of America. American institutions have been required to change with the increase of the diversity and population of people and facilitate the transformation from backward political and economic ways to civilization. Development in some nations has only taken place in some areas, but in America, development has been widespread. However, there is a frontier line still facing primitive conditions along the western part. Nevertheless, the history of America is not based on the western coast but the great west. Some...

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Frederick Jackson Turner Thesis

...The article by Fredrick Jackson Turner describes the advancements of the Anglo-Americans during late 1800 towards the mission to have gained the land from coast to coast. The idea of the article was the accomplishments and successes people gained during this time. However, it is easy to forget the thousands of people who were forced out or killed as a cost of these successes. In the “The Significance of the Frontier in American History” by Frederick Jackson Turner, mentions his views on western expansion, however, through primary sources, it is evident that the only beneficiary is the Anglo-Americans who cheat those who were living in the land prior to them. In the article “A Call for Mexicans to Resist”, the author Juan Cortina expresses his feelings towards the Anglo-American people taking their land and he questions why Mexicans are seen as second class citizens. Cortina describes the Anglo-Americans settling into their land and begin corruptions towards them to take their land. In...

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...Patricia Nelson Limerick wrote The Legacy of Conquest to show how life in the West was very different than it was depicted before. She got the idea of the book when she went to a conference on the American West. “During the first day of the conference, government and business officials complained about the current problems of the West, and the prevalent presumption seemed to be that these problems were quite recent in origin and bore little relation to the distant frontier West.” (pg. 9) The West of the past has been depicted as a frontier process where Limerick saw it as more of a place of conquest and wants to depict that in her book. “Life in Boulder, Colorado, at the foot of the Flatirons, reminds you daily that the West is here and not ‘out...

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...Test 1 Key Terms: * 13th Amendment: 1865, abolishes slavery. * 14th Amendment: 1868, ensures equal rights and protections to every person born or naturalized in the United States. * 15th Amendment: 1870, prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on race. * Radical Republicans: Believed that the federal government should guarantee certain basic rights that would provide freed people with a measure of economic opportunity, and some went further to suggest that meaningful economic opportunity would require a program of land re-distribution from former Confederated to former slaves. * First Reconstruction Act (1867): An act that prevented the former Confederate states from entering the Union until they had ratified the 14th Amendment and written new constitutions that guaranteed black men the right to vote. It also divided the South (with the exception of Tennessee, which had ratified the 14th Amendment) into five military districts and stationed federal troops throughout the region. * Black Codes: Southern state laws passed after the Civil War to limit the rights and actions of newly liberated African Americans. * Freedmen’s Bureau: Federal agency created by Congress in March 1865 and disbanded in 1869. Its purposes were to provide relief for Southerners who had remained loyal to the Union during the Civil War, to support black elementary schools, and to oversee annual labor contracts between landowners and field hands. * Ku Klux Klan: A...

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...This is a protected document. Please enter your student or faculty username and password. Username: Password: Log In Need assistance logging in? Contact Technical Support. Doc ID: 1009-0001-1993-00001994 Toll Free: 877.428.8447 M-F, 6am MST or Sat-Sun, 7am-12am MST Find us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter! F I F T H E D I T I O N An Introduction to Multicultural Education James A. Banks University of Washington, Seattle Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City São Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo ISBN 1-269-53060-7 An Introduction to Multicultural Education, Fifth Edition, by James A. Banks. Published by Pearson. Copyright © 2014 by Pearson Education, Inc. Vice President/Editorial Director: Jeffery Johnston Executive Editor: Linda Bishop Editorial Assistant: Laura Marenghi Senior Marketing Manager: Darcy Betts Production Editor: Karen Mason Production Project Manager: Elizabeth Gale Napolitano Manager, Central Design: Jayne Conte Cover Designer: Laura Gardner Cover Art: “Sea and Sky” (013) 2003 © Marvin Oliver Artist Full Service Project Manager: Niraj Bhatt, Aptara® , Inc. Composition: Aptara® , Inc. Printer/Binder/Cover Printer: Courier Westford Text Font: ITC Stone Serif Std 10/12 Text Credits: Page 11, Stiglitz excerpt: From Stiglitz, J.E. (2012). The price...

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...THE CONSEQUENCES OF MASS COMMUNICATION Cultural and Critical Perspectives on Mass Media and Society Kirk Hallahan ii For Jean and Jenna Copyright info to be set by McGraw-Hill. iii Foreward This book is a brief survey of contemporary ideas about the cultural impact of mass media on society. The use of consequences in the title reflects the fact that most cultural researchers prefer this term (instead of media effects) to describe media's influence on human experience. During the past 30 years, culture has emerged as a major theoretical framework in which to investigate media. Chapter I examines how media influence culture generally, as suggested by various contemporary media scholars and others. Chapter II then focuses on critical-cultural theories about the nature of media power and its potentially negative influence. This book can adopted as a supplementary text in introductory mass media courses along with a survey text such as Joseph R. Dominick's The Dynamics of Mass Communication (available from McGraw-Hill). It also can serve as a foundational text for other assigned readings in advanced courses dealing with mass media and society, communication theory, or cultural studies. Students are encouraged to focus thoughtfully on the main ideas, not attempt to merely memorize details. Important concepts and names appear in boldface and are defined in italics. The abridged Subject Index lists the page with the primary discussion of each topic. Sidebars throughout...

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