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Hannah Legare Men And Dog Quotes

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Men and Dogs “If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds,” – Jesse Jackson. Will Hannah Legare find her father after being missing for 24 years? Hannah is always about the chase with her failing relationships and trying to find out the mystery behind her dad. Will Hannah’s journey fall short when she goes out looking for her dad? I am going to be questioning, evaluating, and predicting about my story “Men and Dogs,” by Katie Crouch.

While reading men and dogs, Hannah Legare often finds herself in hard situations. Such as cheating on her husband, and him cheating on her. She often never fortitudes with her complications and tends to deploy away from them. I feel that she often runs away from her issues because she wants to find out what happened to Buzz (Her father). "I think caring for someone is never a bad thing, even if the …show more content…
This relationship was starting to become unhealthy and then eventually Hannah moved back into her parent’s house. My third and final paragraph I will be predicting. Later on in my story it says that Hannah’s family was hiding something about her father. I am predicting that Hannah Legare will discover that her father is still alive and doing well. I also think that Hannah will rebel against her family once she finds out that Buzz is still alive. “Well, we see what we want to see.” – Katie Crouch. I also think Hannah’s mother paid Buzz off to get him away from the family. In the beginning od the story it says that Hannah Legare was eavesdropping on her mom and dads conversation and she said it was not benevolent and it was more belligerent.

All in all, Hannah is in desperate need of finding out the truth on what happened that one cold night. Will Hannah find her father after been missing for over half of her life or will the mystery continue? Will Hannah give up or keep searching for

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