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Personal Philosophy of Leaders
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Personal Philosophy of Leaders
The role of a leader, being a President, an entrepreneur, parents or teachers, is crucial for success of any tasks. The task can be as big as finding a solution for a global catastrophe such as an earthquake, or as small as solving a dispute between two people. It is the role of the leader to organize people into groups, and according to their skills to make sure they fully participate in problem-solving. They ensure peoples acknowledge the problem and work toward finding the solution. Consequently, everyone in this world requires leadership qualities at one point in their lives. Thus, personal leadership philosophy is an important tool that defines peoples’ value, behaviors and what they can do. Articulating personal leadership philosophy helps in telling others what they expect from a person. In this essay, I will develop and articulate my personal leadership philosophy, and integrate it with human resource management theories to bring up a well argued stand point.
While I was working on an industrial attachment at Deloitte Company, we contracted an oil and gas company, to create and execute an email migration strategy that involved about 1500 employees at their various branches. In the initial stages, the contracted company introduced Smith, who was the project leader. While, in the workshop, the contracted company explained to everyone that, as part of their culture, leadership opportunity was open to all participants. This was intended to allow everyone to guide in the execution of the project. However, it was Smith opportunity to oversee the implementation process. After Smith lead the project for a short while, it became obvious that he did not possess the natural skills for leading a group of informed and educated individuals. The company decided to

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