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Fusion Centers


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Dr. Susan Gunn’s Samples for Module 1 Case Assignment of ETH501

The following sample from student papers is meant to establish some guidelines on how to approach your essays. The first sample shows an excellent introduction to the first case. The student author provides his/her own approach and allows the reader to know what is going to be discussed. The second example simply uses a long quotation that is not properly formatted. It does not lead the reader into the critical ethical analysis that is required.

The third and forth examples show a part of the critical ethical analysis. Remember, if you have any questions, please ask. An excellent source for finding your own voice in academic writing is: This cite has good examples with explanations.

Sample 1: You do not have to discuss that it is a paper. You do have to tell the reader what you will be discussing. Note also that there is a Heading.

Introduction The purpose of this assignment is provide a critical analysis of the 2002 collapse of the WorldCom telecommunications empire as seen through the lens of deontological ethics. This analysis will be accomplished by defining deontological ethics and the Categorical Imperative (CI); by generally establishing what ethical problems were inherent in the WorldCom case; by evaluating the WorldCom model according to a deontological ethics; and finally by using Immanuel Kant’s construct of the CI to assess the WorldCom scenario. For the purposes of this limited discussion, we will base our discussion of the WorldCom scenario on the material found in the 2003 case study as presented by Dennis Moberg and Edward Romar. To help us examine the elements of this case, we will look at the actions of four key figures within it, Bernie Ebbers (the WorldCom CEO), Scott Sullivan (the WorldCom CFO), Jack Grubman

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