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Future Computers


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September 21, 2009
“Future of Computers, What Do You Think?”
Today we see a computer as something we sit down at. It’s a machine with a monitor, keyboard and a case. That’s what it is in today’s society, but what do you think the future of computers will become or even what they may be capable of?
I think that computers in the near future won’t be on desks, won’t have a monitor, very small, no keyboard and no case, also as the future comes the computer definition will change, the computer itself will disappear, the computer might have ears, eyes etc. Future computers will be more human oriented, knowing how to track the users' behaviors and habits, thus better serving their individual needs. Everything we own know will become computers. Ex: watches, microwaves, doors etc. everything will be controlled by one network.
Computers are already giving us access to large amounts of information. As the future nears computers will grow more intelligent and they would begin to design and build other computers. Computers in the future will be able to switch off for years, then start when turned on; very handy for travelers; they will be capable of controlling tiny machines and work together in networks to solve big problems. However I believe there will be negative results as computers increase and impact on our lives. We might become too dependent, we may never read books, and we would rely on computers rather than try to memorize it. There are a lot of things.
Sitting down and using a computer will become different in the future. It will be impossible not to use a computer. The computer of tomorrow will be unlike that of today, but the advances will only make things better for us. Only the future will show the computer of tomorrow.

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