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Future Professional Goals

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My future professional goals are to attend college, then to start my own business of music education. When I open my music business I will offer private lessons in every instrument that I know or learn, group workshops, ensembles, and concerts to give all of my students the opportunity to learn, work together, and perform while enjoying the experience. I would also be content as an instrumental music teacher in a school; however, I prefer to open my own business.

With the help of this scholarship, I believe that I can reach my professional goals. I must pay for college all on my own. My parents paid their own ways through college and they expect me to do the same. I also want to take control of my own finances so that I can effectively manage my own budget and be sure that I am spending my money responsibly. Additionally, as a future local small business owner, I want to learn how to raise money. The government and colleges do not believe that I have financial need because my dad has a good job as an …show more content…
I am a member of the Lakeland High School Marching Band, which demands hundreds of hours of dedication. I take private piano and flute lessons to further my music education and improve my chances of future success in music. When I can make the time, I also enjoy reading, archery, nature, and spending time with friends. For community service I spend two weeks every summer with a local youth group volunteering at its local Creative Arts Camp and a community service trip to Ohio. I also volunteer my whole day at four marching band, color guard, and drumline competitions every year, adding up to a total of 16 competitions which have taken place at Lakeland High School and Milford High School. For work experience I am a self-employed piano teacher. I have six local piano students who improve consistently and succeed in all of their

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