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THE POWER OF EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Human Resource Management
The Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) undergraduate degree program is designed to prepare graduates with the requisite knowledge, skills, and values to effectively apply various business principles and tools in an organizational setting. The BSB foundation is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practical application, while examining the areas of accounting, critical thinking and decision-making, finance, business law, management, marketing, organizational behavior, research and evaluation, and technology. Students are required to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the undergraduate business curricula through an integrated topics course. The Human Resource Management Concentration helps students develop an understanding of the fundamentals of human resource management and its strategic relevance in business. The concentration addresses the legal and ethical components of the decision making process involved in the human resources environment. The Human Resource Management Concentration introduces students to the basic concepts of human resource management, and allows further study in the areas of employment law, risk management, recruitment and selection of employees, international HR, change management, compensation and benefits, employee development, and performance management. Students will also develop an understanding of the critical business implications for human resource professionals today and in the future. HR practitioners and managers must be equipped with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of human resource management, along with strong skills in the areas of systems thinking, problem solving, influencing, negotiating, communications, and leadership. In the Human Resource Management Concentration, 18

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...Ethics Game Simulation Jasmine Zeno BUS/216 June 4, 2012 Steven Fletcher Ethics Game Simulation G-Bio Sport is a business that provides their customers with health care enhancements. The ethical issues arise because the product had passed the FDA standards, however it did not pass its own in house standards. It was confirmed that the samples received had traces of contaminant in it. The quality control manager must identify the problems and come up with the best solution to save the business. G-Bio Sport has a very serious problem that cannot be sweep under the rug. The first question is what group of consumers to warn and provide information about the contaminant. G-Bio Sport has learned that the product on the market that is contaminated puts a small percentage of their consumers at risk. G-Bio Sports will need identify those consumers offer them a replacement of the tainted product or refund the purchase price. As the quality control manager the first thing that needs to be addressed is the product that is contaminated. The quality control manager also needs to provide their consumers that are at risk with the information on the increase risk of using their product. This allows the consumer to make their own choices on rather to use the product or not. Consumers have the right to know that if a product they are using will cause the harm. Businesses have to remember that their customers keep them in business by buying their product. The quality control manager...

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...Control Manager in the G-Bio Sport Company. Decision making steps were used differently for each issue to have the ability to address the issue in the correct fashion. I used two different ethical perspectives, and two different ethical lenses to make my decisions in this simulation. Even using these perspectives, and lenses my management decisions were not affected or influenced throughout the simulation. This simulation does bring up valid insights in how issues come up in my business. The first of the ethical issues presented in the simulation was a product shipped out to the consumer market by G-Bio Sport was tainted with an elevated amount of GBS-Fibranafren. During the most recent QA testing 100% of the products shipped to consumer markets contains an elevated amount of GBS-Fibranafren. The amounts are far beneath the FDA regulations, but exceed the levels we have permitted internally. The risks to consumers being affected by the product are low, but consumers with compromised immune systems could have a slightly higher risk of reactions with continued use of the product. I know based off of the lab results that 100% of the batch shipped to the consumer market is tainted with GBS-Fibranafren. In the second scenario the issue was to decide whether to sell a product that does not meet U.S. safety requirements in a foreign market that has lower safety restrictions. Through the FDA changing their regulations on the levels of GBS allowed in products G-Bio Sport was faced with distributing...

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...Ethics Game Simulation University of Phoenix MGT 216 November 7, 2010 G-Bio Sport’s Game Simulation Today I had the opportunity to experience the interactions of ethics and problematic dilemmas facing an organization through a game simulation. The simulation placed the role of quality control manager (QCM) as my title within an organization called “G-Bio Sport’s.” Additionally, I was tasked with two dilemmas involving ethical issues, and the various ethical perspectives that were used in my analysis and decision making to resolve the dilemmas. This journal will reflect the issues, steps, ethical perspective used to base decision on and influence it played, as well as the correlation of various concepts within the simulation with my workplace. Ethical Dilemma Issue (The Case of Fair Warning) In the first dilemma products contaminated with high levels of GBS-Fibranafren, one of G-Bio Sport’s patented ingredients, which over two-thirds of the company’s products contain where found to have slipped through quality control. The dilemma provoked an issue of what the best decision would be to initiate a resolution to the issue. The company concluded that in healthy adults there was extremely low risk, though those with low immune systems would be at a higher risk, this with repeated use. Decision Making Steps In coming to an ethical decision or basis, I first identified the issues (whether or not to recall, disseminate the information, refund or...

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...University of Phoenix Material Week Three EthicsGame Simulation Worksheet Student Name: Andi Cruz Facilitator: Complete the interactive EthicsGame simulation located on the University of Phoenix student website for Week Three. Note. You can only go through the simulation once, so please use this worksheet to take notes. The simulation uses the following decision model with the indicated critical decision points. Take notes about your decisions or make a copy of the screen when you complete the work to ensure you have the information needed to write your reflection at the end of the simulation. |The Mysterious Blogger | |Step 1: |What is the issue? |Screen | |Be attentive. | |4 | | |Notes: How to protect the company information while respecting the right of the employee to express | | | |themselves outside of work. | | |Step 2 |Who are the stakeholders? |Screen | |Be...

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...The issues was clear present in the simulation, I work for G-Bio-Sport as quality control manager and i send to the lab some product for a test and those product in the lab found they was contaminated 100 %, the impurity is in the GBS-Fibranafren, one of our patented ingredients, which more than two-thirds of our products contain, the contamination is fine below FDA standards, the risk of an adverse reaction in healthy adults is extremely low. Also those with compromised immune systems may be at a slightly Is this essay helpful? Join OPPapers to read more and access more than 550,000 just like it! get better grades elevated risk, especially with continued use of the product, but the overall risk remains low. The contaminations indicate that the entire batch is infected. The first thing I did is no got panic and warn and find what information to provide consumers about the contaminant and that was my primary issue to be addressed I try to no get distracted by long –term planning, red herring or potential solutions, the best way was framing the ethical dilemma clearly and is easy to solving the problem. For make that decision I was base in my duty that is to warn consumers of known potential danger, also to refund or replace defective product and to ensure that ingredient labels provide accurate and meaningful information, the stakeholder have the right to know what the safety standards are for a product. | Is a big challenge to protect the stakeholder and the impact of this...

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