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GMO: Unforeseen Long Term Effects

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Consumer Persuasive Essay Consumers are the people that are eating the food whether it is GMO or not. GMO is really bad for the consumers in many ways and can be dangerous. GMOs are bad for many reasons, but three reasons, unforeseen long term effects, allergies, and side effects. There are many unknown things about GMO just like the unforeseen long term effects of it. Unforeseen long term effects are dangerous because they’re unknown. We don’t what they do or when they’re coming. They have done tests, but have only told us that it doesn’t affect us right when we eat it. Since food is able to leave behind material in us, GMO can leave behind bacteria that will affect us later in life. Also could cause stomach inflammation. They have also found many toxins inside GMO food. An example is when they found GM corn in a pregnant woman’s blood and her newborn. These unforeseen long term effects are really dangerous and should be made aware of. …show more content…
Studies have shown that nearly every food can cause an allergic reaction like getting a sore stomach or in very serious situations death. Although those studies are true, GMO that has been put into a food have added more proteins that could be harmful for a person that is allergic to them, but the person would have to be specifically allergic to the protein. Another problem would be that if a lot of people don’t want GMO in their food because it's bad then they will stop buying them, making people lose money. Allergies can also be very dangerous since people can die from them if they are really allergic to it. GMO can affect people if they have allergies and they could get injured or die from

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