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Gaming Operations

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Final Report

Integrated Resorts

The Report for Gaming Operations Subject

By Quynh Nhu Dang
28 August 2013

Teacher: Simon Hamm

Table of Contents
1.An overview of what is Integrated resort
a) Sun city – South Africa
2. An overview of the Singapore Government’s approach to Integrated Resorts
b) Singapore
+ Marina Land Bay
+ Sentosa
3.Objectives and aims, what will happen in the future ?
. Discussion and Conclusion
Recommendations and Implementation
. References

Integrated resorts

I. Introduction

The purpose of this report was to analyse the definition of the topic Integrated resort, also to explain different fields including geography locations, operational aspect and business entity. According to Nunkoo and Ramkinsoon (2010), the implementation of integrated resorts has been regarded as an option to operate sustain the economy and cash flows .While investigating these aspects of integrated destinations, it is also very important to consider the standard features and benefits. The information used will depend consisting of online website and individual knowledge. The intention of society dissection is to specify and provide ways to enhance the life of the citizens and the socio-economic requirements of the community (Board of Investment, 2009).

Gaming areas, restaurant, hotels, retail shopping and other tourist attractions are consisting to be one: Integrated resort. When the term “IR” appears, that means gambling or casino would refer to gaming area exclusively. Das (2011) believed that IR is expected to advantage the economy from the investment, construction spending, draw in more tourists and support the services industry of the island economy. Integrated destination is features about world-class accommodation, bar, conventional facilities, restaurants, hotels, shopping

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