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Each gang has a culture of its own, although it may not be very different from the culture of other gangs. Using Schaeffer's definition of culture, gang members teach one another - formally and informally - what the customs of the gang are i.e. how to dress, how to behave with women - or men, and they possess specific knowledge about the gang for example; traditions, initiation rites, territory, history. The culture of a gang is imparted from one generation to the next through a process called socialization.
As indicated in our characterization of a society, norms are behavioural expectations. The norms of a gang define which behaviours are expected and accepted among its members. Violations of the norms, depending upon their level of importance to members of the gang, may result in punishments which range from minor to severe. Understanding this allows us to understand gangs more fully and provides insights into the response of gang members to violations of their norms. For example, you may know that disrespecting (slang: dissing) a gang member may result in severe punishment for the person doing the disrespecting. Respect is a cherished value, so disrespecting a gang or gang member violates a cherished norm.
Similarly, members of a gang often share a common language, beliefs, values, symbols, and artefacts. Every society has a common language, both verbal and non-verbal. Gangs, too, have a language of their own. Nearly every group develops its own argot - its own special language. Doctors have one, lawyers have one, mothers have one, and baseball players have one. Gangs also have a jargons of their own.

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