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Gender Stereotypes And Sex In Advertising

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One may come to realize that the world of advertising has a close connection with sexuality and sexual images. Why wouldn’t someone include attractive pictures of barely clothed men and women to attract attention to their product? Well-known trademarks from Victoria’s Secret to Pepsi have incorporated these images to help promote their brand and merchandises. Sex in advertising and sexual messages to help promote and sell a product has maintained a presence in advertising since the very beginning. It has increased in helping businesses promote merchandise and help sell a new product. Through thoughtful reasoning and ethics these tactics and ideas have increased sales for all these companies. Why and how does this unrelated addition to an advertisement …show more content…
Now, think about those Nair commercials that we see today. Do you spot a difference? The recognizable Nair models we see on television weekly are now shown in a bikini on the beach still promoting the same hair removal product. However, does this commercial stand out any more than the other advertisements we see every day? This strategy businesses use today to sell their product has been in the business and way of advertisements for many years. When trying to sell clothing, the models aren’t wearing any, when trying to sell toothpaste, you most likely will never see the models teeth. In contemporary advertising like magazines and television, sex is present in promotional messages for a wide range of goods. “Regarding sex in advertising, sexual information can be associated to greater or lesser degrees with the advertisers persuasive appeal. For example, sexual content can be used to draw attention to the product.” (Reichert 243) A low association relationship would show a product and a sexual presence in the advertisement that does not have any relations. A high association advertisement would be an example of a man kissing the neck of a woman. While the advertisement asks, “what attracts?” this relates to the product of a men’s fragrance. It tells the man looking at this advertisement …show more content…
When thinking about the Nair commercials again, you can see an obvious difference in the models clothing and how much skin they show. Today, one tends to think that the vivid show of skin and sexual intercourse or images in advertising could possibly be a normal thing seen on television. With the increase in technology in today’s day we come with an increase of video advertising rather than print advertising and now viewers see more to the sexuality than just the models. “In the Reichert and Ramirez study in 2000, 25% of respondents identified things about the ad other than models that contributed to sexual perception.” (Bohbot 25) Elements like lighting, music and design elements have become a huge contributing factor to implementing the sexuality in these commercials. Meaning that the prettiest model one may find could potentially not be enough to sell the

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